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22 easy steps to take for an active summer

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By Christian Lizotte, PSP Ottawa Health Promotion – 

Want to get active and improve your health? Here’s a checklist to help you get you started this summer:

  1. Schedule time in your calendar for daily physical activity
  2. Pack your gym bag (shoes, workout gear, towel)
  3. Make sure you have a water bottle
  4. Write down what motivates you
  5. Get up from your desk every 20-30 minutes
  6. Find a fitness buddy
  7. Get your bike tuned up
  8. Create a space for yoga or stretching
  9. Borrow a pedometer from your local Health Promotion Office
  10. Check out
  11. Schedule time to get-together with friends
  12. Set physical activity and healthy habits goal (i.e. walk 10 min per day)
  13. Schedule some ‘screen-free’ time
  14. Make a morning smoothie or implement breakfast if you normally don’t eat in the morning
  15. Dust off your safety gear (helmet, elbow and knee pads)
  16. Set up a meal planning board in your kitchen (i.e. chalk board, calendar)
  17. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  18. Clean up your fridge and make a space for lots of veggies and fruit
  19. Make space on your desk for a water bottle and healthy snacks
  20. Have water or non-alcoholic drink mocktail instead of a second beer with friends
  21. Set reminders in your calendar for healthy choices (drink water, yoga class, me time)
  22. Register for Health Promotion workshops

Make sure that you enjoy the type of physical activity you commit to this summer, especially if you are aiming to modify some behaviours to adopt an active lifestyle. Make those changes last!

For more information or to register to our workshops, contact the PSP Ottawa Health Promotion team at 613-996-4315, or visit our website.

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