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A Canadian touch: 2018 Canada Army Run shirts get unique CADPAT design for first time

Canada Army Run jerseys

By Jordan Haworth, FSWEP Student with the Guard –

The 2018 Canada Army Run (CAR) shirts will have a unique Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT) camouflage design for the first time in CAR history, as well as short-sleeve versions.

The annual sporting event is a fundraiser to help support veterans as well as ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, and has raised over $2.6 million since 2008.

Master Corporal Andrew Wesley, an Image Technician for Combat Camera, was the lead on the design of the new shirts, which will be used for the race on 23 September, 2018. The shirts, which will include both short and long sleeve variations, will have CADPAT split into two colours. The colours will be red, with either white for the 5KM run, black for the 10KM run, grey for the Half-marathon (21KM), or green for the Command Challenge (26.1KM). “It’s straightforward and simple. I’ve always found that simple works best,” said MCpl Wesley in regards to the design. The red used will be darker than the one used for the Canadian flag, but will still bare some resemblance to the flag.

“The red tie-in is mostly because of the Canadian flag and its very prominent red element. The red that we used in the CADPAT for the design is darker than the Canadian flag, and there are two reasons for that: one being that the Canadian flag is on the sleeve…it can’t blend into that so it has to be darker…and two, because I think that the darker elements almost hearken to a remembrance theme. It’s something very vivid and strong, but also reminds us of the sacrifices that have come before,” said MCpl Wesley.

Although patterns similar to CADPAT had been used previously, this is the first time the design will use the original pattern:

“This is the first year we’ve used the same CADPAT pattern as CAF uniforms. We used a recreation of the CADPAT pattern previously, but it was not the exact CADPAT pattern,” said Michael Timmermans, the Communications Manager for the Canada Army Run.

Despite CADPAT being regularly used in the CAF, creating the design was not easy, according to MCpl Wesley.

“I drew out colours from the CADPAT itself and took imagery from my military gear.”

MCpl Wesley had to draw the design and use imagery with a measurement to scale of each individual component of the CADPAT design.  The design is “proudly Canadian…I was bothered that military members would know that it’s not real CADPAT they were wearing,” said MCpl Wesley, who has previously served in the 3rd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment in the Infantry.

For more information on the Canada Army Run please visit their website.

Photo: Courtesy of Canada Army Run

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  • I completed the 2019 Commander Challenge, and am looking for a 2018 half marathon (men’s large ) shirt. Any ideas where I could purchase one ? Looking forward when we can all run more half marathons. Thnaks.

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