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A short guide to improving your health

By Vicki Gill, PSP Ottawa Health Promotion – 

Building a well-supported and resilient Force has been clearly identified as a Defence priority in the 2017 Strong, Secure, Engaged policy.  There are in fact a number of different tools available to the CAF Chain of Command and members when it comes to promoting physical, psychological, and social well-being, but implementing them in a high-stress, fast-paced environment like the NCR can seem like a daunting task.

That’s where we can help – the PSP Ottawa Health Promotion (HP) team’s mission is to support the NCR Defence Team by offering evidence-based, practical, and relevant programming that enables healthy behaviour changes and promotes supportive environments.

All HP programs offered through Strengthening the Forces (STF) are available at no cost to CAF members, their families, and Defence Team civilians – they’re the perfect addition to your “resilience toolbox” as you work towards improving your health or that of your unit members.

As the busy fall season approaches, many of us will be looking to build upon that toolbox by adding a list of new or upcoming programs and resources. To help you start the process, here is a visual reference tool destined for the CAF Chain of Command and CAF members, to help you choose the program that will meet your needs. It can also serve as a reminder of the Health Promotion programs that can help you and members from your unit improve overall health – physically, socially and emotionally.

Tools for CAF Chain of Command                  

Build a healthy and resilient unit*

Make the Health Promotion programs accessible to your unit members by actively encouraging participation, organizing in-house briefings, or better yet – lead by example and register yourself!

Tools for CAF Members

Be proactive and work on personal skills before you really need them.

Make yourself a priority this year – register for a workshop to improve in an area of health that meets your unique needs. Get your family on board and see how making small changes in the way you communicate your thoughts, choose your snacks or even think about the stressors in your life, can make all the difference in how resilient and healthy you are as a family (CAF family members have free access to all HP programs).

We hope this guide enables you to identify the programs that you, your family, or unit members might benefit from most. For more information on any of these programs, visit the PSP Ottawa Health Promotion website where you’ll find resources, workshops schedules and descriptions.

Better yet, stop in anytime for a chat at the Ottawa HP Office!

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