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All about love and balance

By Mélanie Renaud, PSP Ottawa Physical Exercise Specialist

It may be bitter cold and snowing outside but inside the 455 gym in Gatineau, Andréanne Montigny is bringing the heat and the sunshine to the CAF personnel enjoying her classes. Andréanne prides herself on providing well-rounded group fitness classes which she’s loved doing since her late teens. Over the years, she has increased her knowledge on delivering balanced training classes that everyone can partake in. No matter what fitness level clients are, be it beginner or athlete, she strives to give variations and modifications so everyone can finish their PT feeling challenged yet empowered to come back again. Observing her jam-packed classes and the expressions on the faces of those that keep coming back for more, she has clearly succeeded.

Andréanne is motivated to pursue athletic challenges she never even dreamed of, all thanks to a love of team spirit she acquired from over 20 years of playing ringette. She enjoys training with others and has competed in three team Ironman, running the half-marathon each time. Last year, she participated in her first Olympic distance full triathlon and is preparing for her second one this summer. Can you believe that she didn’t even know how to swim two years ago?

Her love of physical activity can get overwhelming; especially on the days she bikes into work, does a CrossFit workout in the morning, goes for a run in the afternoon and a swim in the evening, once her seven and five year old children are in bed. Luckily this training schedule only happens once in a while. She does her best to find energy through eating healthy wholesome foods and going to bed as early as she can to maximize her recuperation, as well as listening to her body to allow extra rest time when needed.

Performance is not her main focus. She knows that if she is healthy, at the peak of her fitness and is enjoying her activity, the time completed or the weight lifted as a result is simply a bonus. She believes the key to success is balance. Training is only one piece of the puzzle; proper quality and quantity of nutrition and rest are essential for the pursuit optimal wellbeing. As long as she is active with at least one more person, she is in her happy zone.

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