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Are you up for the challenge?

By Teresa Hebb, Blueprint 2020 – 

Innovative solutions occur daily and organically at all levels in our organizations. Sometimes these require resources, funding and open-minded decision-makers to move from ideas to action.

How do we go from Ideas to Action?

May 31 2018, the Deputy Minister and the Blueprint 2020 Secretariat launched the Defence Team Innovation Challenge with $1M in funding allocated to implementation of the successful innovation!

With the full endorsement and backing of the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff, this challenge, conducted through 3 phases of submission, is igniting innovation and continuing the commitment to empowering employees and personnel.

Application Phases Deadline
Phase I Applications Open 31 May 2018
Phase 1 Application Due 6 July 2018
Phase II Finalists Announced 27 July 2018
Phase II Application Due 28 Sept 2018
Phase II Finalists Announced 26 Oct 2018
Phase III Battle of the Innovators Week of 26 Nov 2018

Submitting a well-developed and successful project proposal requires a certain amount of time, comfort and knowledge. For this reason, a team of mentors is available through the Blueprint 2020 team to ensure a successful submission.  The Challenge concludes in a Dragon’s Den-style “Battle of the Innovators” where finalists from across the country will present their innovations to a panel of decision makers. This phase will be streamed live to encourage participation from all Defence Team employees for a “People’s Choice” innovation.

Guiding Document, FAQ, online submission forms and other details can be found on our GCPedia page.

For more information on the Defence Team Innovation Challenge, please email us at +Blueprint 2020 – Objectif 2020.



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