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Attend the Second Career Assistance Network Seminar to Secure Your Best Future

By Lieutenant William Tremblay-Gilbert, CFSU(O) –

With a close-knit work community like the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), it is easy to become so accustomed to the environment and the way things work that adjusting to life outside the CAF can be a challenge. To help with this potentially difficult transition period, Personnel Development (PDev), a sub-section of the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa)- Personnel Support Services, is always there to provide career, education and transition support to military members of the National Capital Region (NCR).

That’s why if you are a member considering release within the next five years, PDev invites you to attend the Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminar.  All the key players involved in your release will be there, including the new CAF Military Transition Group, CFSU(O) Release Administrative Services, SISIP Insurance and Financial Planning, Personnel Selection Services, will and estate planning, pension advisors, Veterans Affairs Canada, and many more.  In order to cover all the topics, the event runs for two full days.  An additional day is also available for members who want information on their medical release.  Organizations that provide support to releasing members, or that are highly interested in hiring veterans, will also have kiosks at the event to answer any of your questions.

Military members exploring your career, education, transition or personnel development options, take note:

  • The 19–20 March 2019 SCAN will be delivered in French, with a capacity for 100 participants.
  • The 23–24 April 2019 SCAN will be delivered in English, with a capacity for 300 participants.
  • Registrations are still being accepted, though there are limited spots left on the English SCAN.
  • You can register via email or by calling 613-995-8334.
  • Both events will be held at the Auditorium of Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.

The PDev team is here to help you for any other career, education or transition question. Attend the next seminar, and help secure the best possible future for yourself, both within the CAF and outside it.

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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