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“Big Welcome” to Be Hosted for Military Families this Fall

By the MFRC-NCR Communications Team –

Moving to a new place is always both exciting and unnerving. With access to resources and community support, it can be a great opportunity to get a fresh start and create new experiences.

Being well prepared, knowing what to expect from your new area, and how you can adapt to the environment will help with the transition and that’s where the Military Family Resource Centre of the National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) comes into play. Our Big Welcome 2019 is your best place to start to learn more about your new home and connect with your community. This is a free event for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families in the NCR, held this year on 6 October, 2019 from 1000 to 1400 hrs at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Every year, the MFRC-NCR hosts a Big Welcome for all incoming CAF families posted to the NCR. Along with longtime community partner the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, we strive to make this transition period go as smoothly as possible for military families. The goal is to allow you to come and explore what services, activities and opportunities are available within the NCR, including services provided by the MFRC-NCR. This special welcome event has grown throughout the years to include more and more vendors, booths and activities for families to enjoy such as the MFRC-NCR, PSP, Cadets, Military Wives Choir, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, St-John’s Ambulance, food trucks, kids’ scavenger hunts, games, meet & greets, access to the museum, and so much more. The insightful tips available at the Big Welcome will help your newly arrived family to the NCR achieve a level of comfort in your new city, allow you to network with others, and find your footing.

MFRCs were established across Canada to help the CAF achieve operational readiness by enhancing the quality of life and enriching the military experience for families. They work proudly and diligently to contribute to the well-being of CAF families, enabling a mission-ready force that protects Canadians and their interests across the country and around the world. CAF families are presented with unique challenges associated with recurring relocations, relentless separations and the elevated levels of risk to personal harm that come with loved ones training and serving around the world. MFRCs provide programs and services that empower and encourage strong, independent individuals and families.

The MFRC-NCR team is excited to welcome all families at the Big Welcome, so be sure to stop by and meet them all. We proudly embrace the organization’s history of providing meaningful, knowledgeable and specialized support services for CAF families.

You’ll learn more about Operational Deployment Support; Special Needs Support Services; Psychosocial Counselling; Youth Odyssey Peer Development; Pre-Teen Brain Train Literacy & Respite Services; Family, Parenting, Youth and Spousal Support Groups; Building Blocks Social Skills; Orphan Patient Placement; Early Years Programs; Military Youth Council; Emergency Financial Assistance; Virtual Food Banks; Social Connections, and so much more! See you all on 6 October, 2019 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. More information is available on the MFRC-NCR website.

Photo provided by MFRC-NCR

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