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Blueprint 2020 – A higher standard of Government service delivery

By Matt Hammar, IM Group Communications – 

On Wednesday, May 16 the fourth Blueprint 2020 Innovation Fair was held at James Michael Flaherty Building, 90 Elgin Street in Ottawa. With the overall theme of User Experience, expressed simply by UX, the fair explored how to better understand an end-user’s motivation in adopting a service or product. The fair bustled with hundreds of people and featured dozens of booths by practically the entire spectrum of government entities whether it be Fisheries Canada, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), or even our own Defence Team representing the Department of National Defence. The main attraction of the event was the presentations and workshops for federal employees as well as new technologies such as a Virtual Reality (VR) station.

A common theme of the presentations was how end-users, whether citizens or government employees, are living in an ‘age of choice’ as a result of the Digital Era and are holding their governments to a much higher standard of service delivery. Governments are now expected to be innovating quickly; providing service that is omni-channel; engaging citizens through online platforms like social media; and using more ‘open source’ technologies. There is no better time to be a government employee, argued one opening speaker, as we are at the forefront of change whether in privacy, cyber or service delivery.

Many of the presenters spoke of how we, as government entities, must understand why our institutions exist and for what reasons a citizen might interact with us. For example, Ryan Hum, Director of Service Insights and Experimentation at Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, spoke of how people only interact with his organization during times of ‘life changing experiences.’ Because of this, his department designs its services around reassurance, dignity, and transformation.

The most important part of serving our shareholders better is by designing content from their perspective. Overall, the Internet has given Canadians high expectations for service and ease of use and we’ve got the tools to meet those expectations.

For more information you can check out the Defence Team’s Blueprint 2020 pages.

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