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Bravo Zulu: Very first GBA+ pilot course hosted in NCR

GBA+ Group Photograph

By Lieutenant-Colonel Marie-Eve Bégin, Gender Advisor, Strategic Joint Staff –

On March 22 and 23, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) organized the very first Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) course for the units’ gender focal points. This course is based on the government course introduced by Status of Women Canada. This training is adapted to the CAF’s mandate and has an operational focus.

Thirty-one participants from a number of different levels within the organization participated in the pilot course, which took place at Bisson Campus – Canadian Foreign Service Institute in Gatineau. The course’s primary objectives were to demonstrate how gender perspective and GBA+ can be incorporated into different CAF activities and to train the gender focal points so that they can advise and support the members of their units in the application of GBA+. Gender focal points are people with the secondary duty of supporting the commanding officer in applying GBA+ with respect to the unit’s mandate.

The course provided the opportunity to discuss about successes and challenges related to applying GBA+ at various levels. The two days of interactive training gave participants a unique networking opportunity. The pilot course was deemed a success by all the participants who, when surveyed, responded that they would 100 percent recommend this training to a colleague.

“This course is timely as it has a very strong practical component that has answered many questions surrounding the implementation of GBA+.”—Maj Raymond Corby, G33 Canadian Army

What great training that will allow me, in my role of gender focal point, to better support and advise the members of the operational planning group and my commanding officer.”—Élise Vallée, 2nd Canadian Division

The plan is to offer this training twice a year. For more information, contact your unit’s gender focal point or Sheila Ouellet, CAF GBA+ Director. To learn more about GBA+, visit Status of Women Canada.

Photo: LCol Marie-Eve Bégin

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