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Brazilian Army Sergeant Majors visit Canadian Forces Language School

By Master Warrant Officer Mario Beauchemin, CFLS –

The Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) had the privilege of hosting two high-ranking Brazilian Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs) on 12 September, 2018; Army Command Sergeant Majors (CSM) Osmar Crivelatti and (SMA) Lindomar Antonio Tabaczeniski.  Accompanying them was the Canadian Army (CA) G1 Dress and Ceremonial Sergeant Major, Chief Warrant Officer Baulne and other key CA staff.

The visit began with the introduction of key military personnel in CFLS followed by a presentation on how CFLS trains our NCMs.  The CFLS briefer started with a short history of language training in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), which started in January 1944.  Then, it carried on with the vision, mission and mandates of CFLS, pointing out that the ratio of CAF NCMs to Officers attending language training at CFLS is on average 45% NCMs and 55% Officers.

The visit continued with a guided tour of CFLS’ lines.  One stop was to visit the Brazilian student-teacher taking part in the current serial of the Language Teacher Training Course (LTTC) which is part of the Military Training Cooperation Program (MTCP) and ultimately the DND/CAF Global Engagement Strategy.  LTTC student-teachers are learning to become English as a Foreign Language teachers, using the communicative approach, so they can apply their new skills when they return to their own countries.  SM Crivelatti addressed the LTTC student-teachers briefly and had the opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with Dr. Daniel Mateus O’Connell, our current LTTC student-teacher from the Brazilian Ministry of Defence.  The guided tour then resumed with a final stop in a level B French class of CAF personnel, which was comprised mostly of NCMs.

Our Brazilian guests were very happy with their visit and were clearly impressed by the quality of the language training CFLS has to offer.  CFLS staff were then presented with a memento from the Army of Brazil.  This quick visit was very informative and enlightening for them, and clearly a success.  SM Crivelatti mentioned he would discuss further with the Brazilian Army leadership upon his return to Brazil, to encourage more Brazilians to participate in the program.

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