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Canadian Army Command Team’s Statement for Mother’s Day 2018

On this Mother’s Day, Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond and I want to salute all mothers who are part of the Canadian Army family. Whether it is a mother who is a Regular Force member, a Reservist, a Canadian Ranger, a civilian who works for the Canadian Army or a mother of a Canadian Army member, these resilient and dedicated women help shape who we are as people.

Every day, mothers offer boundless support, guidance, and compassion, many while managing careers. This year, we especially want to recognize those mothers who made their voices heard and shed light on women’s issues and the obstacles women encounter in their daily lives, both personal and professional. The Canadian Army is committed to building a respectful workplace with equal opportunities for women.

In the Canadian Army, we share unique challenges and experiences, such as deployments, training, and long hours spent at work, which impact both mothers serving in the military and those supporting their military spouses. We acknowledge and appreciate the special effort made by mothers to maintain family cohesiveness.

With these challenges, life gets busy and as the everyday routine takes over, the remarkable contributions that mothers make can sometimes be taken for granted. Please take the time to thank the mothers in your lives, and celebrate Mother’s Day as a reminder of what truly matters.

CWO Guimond and I wish all mothers a wonderful day, and thank you for all that you do, each and every day, to support the Canadian Army.”

Lieutenant-General Paul Wynnyk, CMM, MSM, CD
Commander Canadian Army

Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond, MMM, CD
Canadian Army Sergeant-Major

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