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Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Now Operating Out of New, Modern Offices

By Sergeant Michael Tutton, CFRC –

The Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre for Northern and Eastern Ontario (CFRC NEON), which includes Detachment Ottawa and the Headquarters, has moved! On 15 November 2018, the Recruiting Centre at 66 Slater officially closed its doors and reopened on 21 November 2018, at 240 Sparks Street. Colonel Luc Sabourin, Commander CFRG notes, “The new facility is a definite improvement for the Ottawa recruiting team, as well as prospects and applicants to the Canadian Armed Forces. It is bright and modern and will be a flagship location among CFRCs.” The new location is constructed with a modern Workplace 2.0 collaborative design, a
larger 24-seat testing room and boasts an increased processing capacity and a new reception and enrolment room.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recruits people interested in making a difference as part of a dynamic, exciting and diverse team to protect Canadian values and interests at home and abroad. We are looking for talented, motivated, and qualified Canadians, interested in specialized and technical occupations, such as Naval Communicator, Sonar Operator, Social Worker and Air Combat Systems Officer.

As influencers, CAF members are front line recruiters and often the first source of information for prospective applicants. If you want to get involved in recruiting, please visit the ‘Recruiter for a Day’ (RFD) program website, where any currently serving CAF member can register to be utilized for recruiting outreach activities throughout the country. Being an RFD is an excellent way to share your story and reach the next generation of CAF members.

Questions can be directed to CFRC recruiting staff, who can provide detailed responses to any specific enquiries. General info can be found on our website, on the phone 1(800) 856-8488, and on social media with the handle @ForcesJobs or @CFRCNEONjobs.

Photo: DND

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