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Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces Releases New Recording

By Sergeant Natalie Alcorn, CBCAF –

The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces (CBCAF) – one of the six Regular Force bands in the country, has just released a brand new recording titled The Central Band in Concert.

Located in the National Capital Region (NCR), this professional military wind ensemble is led by Commanding Officer and Director of Music, Captain John Fullerton.  While you may often see Central Band members performing for military and government functions throughout the NCR and beyond in various capacities, you probably haven’t had the opportunity to hear the band perform in a concert setting.  Featuring the full symphonic wind band, The Central Band in Concert delivers a listening experience like no other as musicians perform an exciting variety of both traditional and contemporary pieces from Canada and abroad.

A long-embedded and integral part of Canadian military history and traditions, music serves not only to support our Forces domestically, but to create and nurture cultural ties at an international level.  Exemplifying this mission, the Central Band was most recently deployed to Latvia as part of Operation REASSURANCE (2018) where they performed at many events surrounding Latvia’s centennial anniversary and The Song and Dance Festival.

Among other selections, The Central Band in Concert features the track Kur Tu Teci Gailīti Mans – a traditional Latvian folk song.  This piece was arranged specifically for the Latvian deployment by a member of the Central Band and celebrates the friendship between our two countries.  The Band is very proud to announce that the Latvian National Guard Orchestra is now performing this Canadian arrangement for audiences throughout Latvia, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share this and many other works on the new album.

The Central Band in Concert was recorded in the theatre of the Canadian Museum of History and was mixed, mastered and pressed in Canada.  For more information on the recording or to obtain a free copy of the CD, please contact the CBCAF directly or follow us on Facebook @CBCAF.

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  • Would it be possible to send me the new recording by my email? I’m a former Canadian Army Director of Music, a graduate of the British Royal Military School of Music, and a long-time civilial conductor and musician. I live in Thailand, after being invited here by the King to do a concert for his daughter’s 50th birthday. I’d love to hear your ne recording.

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