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CFS Leitrim pays a visit to the Morewood Memorial

By Matt Hammar, IM Group Communications – 

To celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Morewood War Memorial, the Chesterville & District Historical Society (CDHS) unveiled a commemorative painting on April 30 that was commissioned to mark the historic event. The painting, commissioned from local artist Gordon Coulthart was donated to the Morewood Memorial and Cenotaph committee by the CDHS. The unveiling took place at the Morewood Community Centre, in Morewood, Ontario and many community leaders were present including members of the Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Leitrim.

To acknowledge the long-standing relationship with CFS Leitrim, the Morewood Memorial and Cenotaph Committee presented a limited numbered signed print of the commemorative painting. Their relationship has grown over the previous eight years as CFS Leitrim has participated in the town of Morewood’s Remembrance Day Service and those present from the station were honoured to accept the print on behalf of their unit.

At the event the painting’s creator, Gordon Coulthart was more than happy to answer questions about his artwork. To conclude the event, the community leaders, CFS Leitrim members, and public alike enjoyed a period of meet-and-greet.

The Morewood War Memorial is recognized as being one of the most prominent in all of rural Eastern Ontario and features a statue of Captain Ernest Glasgow, who was killed in action. His figure rests upon the Cenotaph’s granite slab which is flanked by the Canadian flag. The monument was constructed in 1920 and was dedicated to the Glasgow family in July 1921.

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