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CFSU(O) launches new emergency communications tools

By Catherine Villeneuve, Guard of Honour News

In an effort to continue serving the Defence Team in the National Capital Region (NCR) in an efficient and responsive manner, the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) [CFSU(O)] is implementing major changes to their emergency communications delivery.

First, effective immediately, the website will be the dedicated online resource for information distributed to the DND/CAF community in case of emergencies and will deliver essential messages in an effective and timely manner. This tool is accessible to all the Defense Team, 24/7 from any location with Internet access, as well as on any mobile device with data available. It is also accessible through the Defence-wide Area Network (DWAN). In case of an emergency or breaking news, a red banner will be visible on the homepage and will redirect to a dedicated section on the website. Members will be able to obtain information on the current situation, points of contact, special instructions, timely updates, and other pertinent details.

Second, a hotline has been installed to deliver any pertinent messages as well as updates. By simply calling 613-995-0133, any member of the Defence Team who does not have access to the Internet can call to hear an up-to-date pre-recorded message on the situation.

“This transition to a three-tiered delivery plan, which includes an external website and an information line, allows us [CFSU(O)] to reach as many of our members as possible and ensure that the information disseminated is accurate and up-to-date,” mentioned Col Richard Goodyear, Commandant CFSU(O). “Our Public Affairs and Operations branches will be working closely together to deliver emergency communications rapidly and widely.”

To conclude, if deemed necessary an email will be sent to all Defence Team members within the NCR via DWAN containing the relevant information.

For more information please contact the CFSU(O) Public Affairs Officer.


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