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Emotional ceremony marks the end of six-year mandate for Honorary Colonel Dave Smith

By Naval Cadet Alec Connor, CFSU(O) Public Affairs –

On 21 June 2018, the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) (CFSU(O) said goodbye to their longstanding Honorary Colonel, Dave Smith. HCol Smith is a fixture in the Ottawa and CAF communities, being well known for his generous philanthropy and business acumen, having achieved success through his culinary businesses throughout Ottawa and abroad, and having spearheaded generous efforts in Canada and across the world. His charitable investments are diverse, including support for education, housing, medical services, disease prevention, and water safety, in locations as varied as the Czech Republic, Angola, and Kenya, not to mention Canada.

From raising more than $150 million for charitable causes around the globe, to resolutely supporting the CAF through both his general advocacy and work on the Military Families Fund, HCol Smith is well deserving of his many honours, both civilian and military, that include the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, The Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals, and many more.

HCol Smith’s charitable work is exemplified by his creation of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre. Founded in 1993, the Treatment Centre provides youth struggling with mental health and addiction a safe place to find world-class and evidence-based treatment. Since its founding, it has been a resounding success, providing its clients with not only medical treatment, but also opportunities for personal and academic growth, with the prospect of a brighter future.

HCol Smith’s generosity and attentiveness towards CFSU(O) and the Ottawa community as a whole continues to be remarkable. He will be missed by this unit, and will always remain a valued and dedicated member of the CFSU(O) family.

CFSU(O) Honours and Awards

In addition, members of CFSU(O) were honoured by the distribution of awards and promotions, as listed below.

The following personnel were newly promoted: Pte(T) Bautista, Pte(T) Ward, Avr(T) Goetz, Cpl Bignell, Cpl Perron, MCpl Hayes, Sgt Rochefort, PO2 Callin, WO Poulin, WO Gosse, WO Folfas, MWO Ouellet, MWO Goderre, 2Lt Oakman, Capt Boyd, and Maj Boulanger.

The following personnel received the Canadian Forces Decoration: MCpl Galatean, Cpl Ahmad, and Cpl Fenton.

The following personnel received the CD Clasp: Lt Niefer, OCdt Colwill, WO Driscoll, Sgt Bilodeau, and Cpl Hadden.

Mr. Réjean Beaudin received the Long Service Award.

WO Paré received the CDS Commendation.

A number of individuals and sections within CFSU(O) were awarded the CFSU(O) Commandant’s Commendation for their exemplary efforts: Cpl Robinson; MCpl Galatean; MCpl Saikaley; Sgt Thompson; Capt Ledrew; Capt Bouchard; Mrs. Tanya Mendes-Gagnon; Mrs. Sylvie Tremblay; Mrs. Catherine Villeneuve; Imaging Services; Admin Services & Coordination Team; Stocktaking Section; Clothing Store, and Mail & Classified Waste.

Lastly, the CFSU(O) Commandant’s Coin was presented to Mr. Stefan Smelsky, Cpl Chiasson, Cpl O’Dell, Sgt Meigs, P02 Callin, Mr. Joshua Denis, and OCdt Yacouba.

Photo: CFSU(O) IMAGING SERVICES/Ordinary Seaman Alexandra Proulx

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