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Employment Equity has a strong presence in the NCR

By Colin Stevens, CFSU(O) Social Awareness Cell –

As part of the Canadian Government, DND/CAF demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting the inclusion and growth of a diverse workforce. In accordance with Canada’s Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged, DND/CAF is committed to ensuring the entire Defence Team has the care, services and support that are required. This includes supporting the diversity that can be seen within DND.

Make no mistake: the support of diversity is not just done for the sake of equal opportunity. A diverse workforce is a great benefit to the entire Department. There are many advantages that can be derived from a diverse workforce, as the mingling of talents, skills and experiences that stem from different backgrounds and life experiences can lead to an overall improved business performance. According to a 2013 report by Deloitte, it was found that when employees operate in a diverse workplace where “they feel included, their ability to innovate increases by 83%”. Research published by Cloverpop in 2017 revealed that teams that are more diverse and inclusive are able to perform “60 percent better than average” when it comes to decision-making and execution.

So what sorts of things does DND do to show support to the promotion of workplace’s diversity? Well, at this time there are four Employment Equity (EE) groups outlined in the Employment Equity Act. In order to provide them with the resources they require, each EE group is supported by a Defence Advisory Group (DAG). As host to over 22,000 military, civilian and NPF employees, the NCR DAGs provide a wide range of advice and support to many different EE initiatives, which can differ dependent on specific regional needs and the unique scopes of different operating environments.

Each EE group’s DAG is closely supported by senior leadership. One of these senior leaders, Brigadier-General Richard Goodyear, CAF Comptroller and former Commandant Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa), is quoted saying “EE Groups serve many purposes including providing important advice and guidance on EE issues to the Chain of Command and as a voice and a source of information and support for its members.” For those who wish to volunteer their time in support of these DAGs, or who simply wish to learn more about EE, diversity and the DAGs, feel free to visit the Employment Equity and Diversity page. All are welcome!

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