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FIL Counsellor Dr. Buuma Maisha on the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 2018

By Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services –

Dr. Buuma Maisha is a Psychotherapist and Professor at Saint Paul University. He has been working as a Family Information Line Counsellor since 2014, helping to support Canadian Armed Forces Members and their families. Since 2014, he has also travelled regularly to the Democratic Republic of Congo to provide clinical work, training and supervision to support therapists working with children and women survivors of rape.

Dr. Maisha’s research and work over the years has focused on sexual violence as a tactic of war. One of his publications “Les Tabous sexuels transgressés: Viol en temps de guerre” aligns closely with the work and efforts of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu.

It is no surprise that Dr. Maisha spent time at the Panzi hospital, where the esteemed founder Dr. Denis Mukwege has treated tens of thousands of rape survivors by armed rebels. Dr. Maisha met Dr. Mukwege for the first time in 2016 and the two began a professional collaboration.

Dr. Mukwege along with Mrs. Nadia Murad, also a human rights activist, were recently honoured as co-laureate of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Dr. Maisha was invited both to the ceremony and to present his findings on the Congolese diaspora during the Nobel Peace Prize gala.

Dr. Maisha recalls that seeing Mrs. Murad and Dr. Mukwege stand side by side during the ceremony gave great hope for healing and justice for too many survivors around the world. “It was a moment that captured people and communities from around the world coming together to join their voices with those of the co-laureates to say no to the use of sexual violence as weapon of war.”

To Dr. Maisha this year’s Nobel Peace Prize gave this issue global recognition, which underscores the importance of mobilizing more support (especially political, economic and legal) to individuals, communities and organizations working hard to support survivors and to end this violent practice of war.

“By recognizing the work of Dr. Mukwege and Mrs. Murad,” said Dr. Buuma Maisha. “The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has given a stronger voice to the survivors and those who listen and act for their well-being. This made the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize very special for me given my own dedication to this problem; it was an honor to attend and even more so to be invited.”

Article courtesy of CFMWS.

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