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Health and Wellness Fair Highlights Wellbeing Resources for Defence Team Members

Story initially published in the Maple Leaf

Military and civilian Defence Team members have access to a wide variety of resources that help support positive mental health and physical wellbeing. These resources were recently showcased at the Defence Team Health and Wellness Fair, as part of Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month.

The fair took place on 2 October, 2019 at National Defence Headquarters (Carling), and provided Defence Team members in the National Capital Region an opportunity to learn about the various resources that are available to improve personal well-being, and build and sustain a healthy, safe workplace. With over 25 interactive kiosks sharing information, there was something for everyone.

While the fair took place in Ottawa, these wellness resources are available to all Defence Team members, regardless of location. In addition, health and wellness-related mobile apps are available to assist Defence Team members in managing their well-being on-the-go.

Thanks to all the Health and Wellness Fair participants! To connect with the exhibitors, click on the links below.

Every October, CHWM is an opportunity to raise awareness around the importance of workplace health.

Defence Team members can participate (internal link) in a series of workshops, wellness fairs, fitness classes, and other events throughout the month geared towards building a physically and psychologically healthy workplace for everyone.

Feature Image Provided by: The Maple Leaf / Department of National Defence

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