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IPSC relocates to better serve the community

By Major Tyler Peitzsche, Commanding Officer IPSC – 

The Integrated Personnel Support Center Ottawa is still centrally located at 1745 Alta Vista Drive in the NDMC building. However we have recently moved to the second floor where we continue to provide one stop coordinated services to ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans, their families and the families of the deceased.

Client services provided include Return to Duty (RTD) placements, casualty tracking, transition services, Designated Assistant training (DA), outreach, advocacy, and coordination and advice on VRPSM. Also co-located within the Services Section for your convenience are representatives from the Legion, PSP, Family Liaison Officers, Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program, Padre, Nurse Case Manager, and SISIP.

If you are posted to the IPSC as an ill or injured member, you will be assigned to the Support Platoon that has a cadre of Regular force and Reserve force section commanders, Platoon Warrant Officers/Petty Officers and Platoon Commander who will provide support to you while you recover, rehabilitate and reintegrate. If Return to Duty in the CAF is not possible for you, the Support Platoon staff can assist you in navigating the medical release process and help you develop a successful transition plan.

To better support the increasing demand from members transitioning to civilian life, Veterans Affairs Canada has relocated a second team to the IPSC. The Veterans Affairs team comprises approximately 22 staff; including 2 managers, 12 Case Managers, 3 Veterans Service Agents, 1 Nurse, 1 Occupational Therapist and administrative support staff to support still-serving members, veterans and their families. In-person services can be arranged at the IPSC, through home visits or at alternate locations. Veterans Affairs Canada can also be contacted by phone or through secure messaging on My VAC Account.

IPSC Ottawa hours of operation are weekdays 0800hrs to 1600hrs, both scheduled appointments and walk-ins are welcome. Bilingual services are offered.

Contact us

IPSC Ottawa Reception: 613-945-6600 ext 3014
Veterans Affairs toll-free: 1-866-522-2122


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