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It’s Not Too Late to Share Your Story!

By Mélodie Gratton, National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program Coordinator –

Between 5-11 November, as part of the 2019 National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members will visit schools and community organizations across the country.

This rewarding program for Regular and Reserve Force members offers an important opportunity to remind Canadians of the sacrifices made every day to ensure that Canada is among the safest and most secure countries in the world.

Since mid-September, 2019 schools and community organizations across the country have been submitting requests for a CAF speaker to participate in their Remembrance Day ceremonies. In order to make this program a success, we rely on the participation of currently-serving CAF members to volunteer as CAF speakers. We recommend reading The Maple Leaf article from December 2018 to find out what last year’s CAF members had to say about the program.

We are currently experiencing shortfalls in Northern Ontario and in the National Capital Region and anticipate shortfalls in Alberta as well as in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

If you are interested in participating or have already agreed to a presentation, please let us know by registering via the electronic registration form located on the Defence Team’s Veterans’ Week web page.

To better assist you in your preparation, presentations, speeches, slide shows, and a video will be available on the Veterans’ Week CAF resource web page (Password: VW2019).

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  • hello i live in edmonton alberta, a couple of years dowtown picking bottles i found this Membership card.. it says this certifies that 4602 Sgt WFR MacCallum Dated 17 july 1951. if at all possible i just would really love to know this persons story, are they still alive and would like to thank him fer their service….

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