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Join the SkyHawks

By Master Corporal Antoine Collette, SkyHawks Team Member –

As a busy 2018 season winds down for the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, recruitment for next year is starting!

The SkyHawks travel from coast to coast each summer putting on thrilling parachute performances and meeting with Canadians as ambassadors of the CAF. Being a member of the team is a great opportunity to nationally represent your unit, your environment, the Canadian Armed Forces, and Canada.

The team is open to any trade across the CAF: all environments, Reserve Force or Regular Force. Applicants must be either a Second Lieutenant and above or a trade-qualified Non-Commissioned Member.

In order to apply for the team, you must have skydiving experience. Candidates must be qualified as a military freefall parachutist or have a U.S./Canadian Sport Parachuting Association “A” license with a minimum of 50 freefall jumps.

Finally, each applicant must be recommended by their unit Commanding Officer. As SkyHawks members are representatives of the CAF, it is expected they uphold a high standard of dress, deportment, physical fitness, and personal conduct.

So, if you’re an outgoing CAF member that is interested in joining this tight-knit team for the 2019 season, ensure you apply before 30 November 2018.

For more details visit or contact the SkyHawks via email ( or on social media today! Check out videos and photos from an amazing 2018 season on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by searching for @SkyHawksCanada.

Photo: DND/Sgt Pierre Theriault

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