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Kemptville Athlete and DND Employee to Represent Canada at Pole Sport World Championships in Finland

By Paulina Hrebacka, Kemptville Advance

A pole sport athlete from Kemptville did so well at a national competition in March 2019 that she’ll be representing Canada at a world pole sport competition this fall.

In addition to working for the Department of National Defence, within the Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) group, Stephanie Glandon is a pole fitness instructor at J-Glow in Kemptville, ON and recently travelled to Fredericton, NB to participate in the Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation (CPSAF) national competition.

During the event, Glandon achieved the highest score in her division, masters 40+, for both the pole sport and pole art categories, landing her a spot on Team Canada for the Pole Sport World Championships, hosted by the Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA), which will be held in Finland in November 2019. She’ll also represent Canada at the Pole Art World Championships in Fredericton, NB in June 2020, hosted by CPSAF.

The national competition was attended by more than 60 pole athletes, male and female, aged six to 55, from across eight provinces. Glandon was up against 25 competitors for the pole art category and 12 for pole sport.

“The training leading up to it was quite rigorous,” she said. “I was at the studio almost every day working on my routine.”

Glandon trains at 3Sixty Dance and Fitness in Ottawa.

The event featured an Olympic-style points system from a panel of judges representing Canada, the United States, and South Korea. Both of her routines were about four minutes long.

“It’s a long time to be up there in front of a panel of judges — you’re definitely exhausted by the end of it,” she said.

Glandon was accompanied by two of her pole fitness students from J-Glow, who did her hair and makeup for the routines.

“It was so awesome to have their support, because it was one less thing I had to worry about,” she said.

Even her costume was designed locally by Michelle Rodgers, who makes costumes for dance companies in the North Grenville area.

“I couldn’t conceptualize what I wanted, so I really relied on her to help me bring my idea to life,” said Glandon. “She did a really great job.”

Eleven other athletes qualified for the world championships with Glandon from British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario. Together, they will represent Team Canada in November. They are listed as follows: Jemma Johnson (NB), Joseph Munn (NB), Ann-Marie Wiggins (NB), Joanna Foley (NB), Jennifer Goodwin (ON), Alex Hart (BC), Jasmine Mah (NS), Hannah Brown (ON), Kristen Langille (ON), Naxius Boucher (NB), and Andrew Tran (ON).

“The pole sport is such a great community,” said Glandon. “All the athletes were wonderful. There’s no drama behind the scenes, and everyone is so supportive. For me, that’s what I want in a competition.”

She is looking forward to the world championship in Finland, which will be broadcasted live. Leading up to the event, Glandon plans to hold a Halloween-themed fundraising showcase for her trip at J-Glow on Oct. 25, where guests can catch a sneak peek of her routine.

Organizations like the Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation are striving to build the foundation necessary to have pole sport designated as an Olympic sport one day. Before it can be eligible, it has to be recognized in 34 countries.

Photos courtesy of the CPSAF

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