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LifeSpeak – Your Virtual Library for Total Well-Being

By Quinn Abugov Communications Officer, ADM(PA) –

LifeSpeak is part of the Department of National Defence’s (DND) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (Intranet only) and is available to Defence Team employees and their families, free of charge. This web-based service offers anonymous access to hundreds of short videos. To learn more, check out an animated video (Intranet only) that further explains the benefits of the platform!

Whether you’re someone who craves a more balanced life, wants to improve their mental health, or increase or maintain physical fitness, the LifeSpeak platform is available wherever an internet connection can be found!

This month’s featured LifeSpeak video, “Rethinking the Language: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accommodationby Michael Bach, looks at how to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The app gives you expert-led content, along with brand-new features:

  • Download videos for offline viewing;
  • Stream podcasts; no need to download them;
  • Participate in Ask the Expert web chats right from your phone;
  • Manage your account from the app;
  • Earn points and badges for any activities you engage in watching videos, reading tip sheets, etc.; and
  • Join leaderboard (anonymously) to measure your activity against your peers.

How do I access LifeSpeak?

You can access LifeSpeak in several ways:

  • Go to the LifeSpeak website: or
  • Download the app (Apple App Store or Google Play)

When logging into the App, for:

  • client name input canada
  • client password input canada

Clients must then:

  • scroll down to accept terms and conditions
  • Then select Canadian Armed Forces or Department of National Defence – Civilian and input corporate ID: canada.
  • Then click Access through group account.

LifeSpeak is only one feature of DND’s EAP!

A number of tools and services are available to Defence Team members including:

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