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Military Training and Cooperation Program – Testimonials from this year’s graduating class

By Capt Keaven Lozier, Canadian Forces Language School –

Twice a year, the Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) welcomes international students as part of the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP) to attend a Language Teacher Training Course (LTTC). Located in Gatineau, QC the LTTC aims to develop and strengthen the teaching skills of foreign nationals who are or will become teachers of English as a foreign language with members of their respective countries. It also aims to develop teaching techniques (English as a Second Language) through theory and practice based on the communicative approach. All of this to improve overall communication and interoperability between international forces.

During the second cohort of 2018, which ran from 14 August to 7 December, 2018 16 candidates from 12 countries participated in this program. Among them, two candidates have kindly shared their experience.


By Elene Gratiashvili, English Teacher from Georgia:

Being a Language Teacher Training Course (LTTC) student-teacher is the best experience ever.  It is a great honor for me to participate in this program, so I am very happy to be here. By living with Canadian families, being immersed in studying with wonderful teachers and using English every day, we had a magnificent opportunity to improve our English language skills and teaching methods. Moreover, we developed a better understanding of Canadian culture, traditions and customs.

I deeply appreciate the whole staff for having such a kind, friendly and warm attitude towards us. They did their best to create such a nice atmosphere, where everybody felt comfortable and felt their encouragement and support all the time. In addition to knowledge, we acquired enormous life experience. We have visited lots of amazing places and historical sites of this wonderful country. I am sure that these sweet memories will never fade in our minds.

On behalf of the whole LTTC student-teacher group, I would like to thank our teacher trainers for their dedication and devotion for the work which they did during this time. I also want to thank my homestay family. Due to my hostess, I feel like I am in my own home.

During this course, we made friends with wonderful people from all over the world. I am pretty sure we will keep in touch all life long and hope we will be able to contribute to peace on our planet.

In the end, I would like to thank LTTC personnel once more: Daniel, Nancy, Leila, John, Mike, Capt. Jones, thank you so much! You made our lives so interesting and beautiful here in Canada. I hope I will have an opportunity to meet you again in the future. You are always welcome to Georgia! Thank you Canada!

By Alejandro Mendez F., English Teacher from Chile:

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Forces Language School military staff and especially our beloved teacher-trainers and coordinator for making this Language Teacher Training Course possible. It was a real challenge, not only for the young, inexperienced, military instructors who have graduated as language instructors, but also for the experienced teachers who have taught for many years. This was a unique opportunity for everyone to test themselves to see if they were on the right track.

This course is of great importance for all the participants since it unifies teaching techniques and methodology under the communicative approach which will be promoted and used as a teaching guide in most Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP) graduates’ homelands. Without the teacher-trainers’ leadership, organization, care and professionalism, this training course would not have been a successful experience. This worthwhile life experience was also beneficial for polishing our linguistic skills and expanding our knowledge of an English-speaking country, in terms of traditions and cultural aspects.

Equally important to mention is that our homestay families did a great job as well; a key factor in providing MTCP students with a comfortable stay and social awareness of this wonderful city and country.

As life is full of ups and downs, the good moments we lived along the way far outnumbered the minor problems we had to face, making this four-month course in Canada an experience that will be branded in our  hearts and minds, and impossible to forget.

Finally, I would not like to say good bye but just, see you soon! Once again, thank you so much to everyone for all their hard work.

Photo: CFSU(O) IMAGING SERVICES/Able Seaman Anne-Marie Brisson

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