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MINDS Expert Briefing Series

By the MINDS Team –

In the continuously and rapidly evolving context in which we live and work, it is more important than ever to keep on top of the latest developments and research in our fields. It is in this context that the Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) Program uses the Expert Briefing Series (EBS) to invite top Canadian and international defence and security experts to share their expertise with the defence team and other Government of Canada partners.

The EBS informs and enriches the work of the Defence Team and supports evidence-based decision-making by providing access to timely insights, and promoting the development of in-depth and nuanced knowledge of current defence and security issues.

Nina Jankowicz, “Whack-a-Troll: How to lose the Information War.” 6 June, 2019

The EBS covers a wide range of topics, from traditional geo-political issues such as great-power competition, to recent challenges like hybrid and grey-zone warfare, terrorism, and cyber-information warfare. In line with Strong, Secured, Engaged’s focus on people, the EBS has also held events focused on mental and physical health, and the challenge of CAF recruitment and retention.

MINDS has engaged a long list of speakers, including luminaries like Jaqueline O’Neill, Canada’s new Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security, who briefed on warfighting, peacekeeping, and gender; distinguished authors like Emerson Brooking, co-author of Amazon’s best-selling book “LikeWar”, who discussed the weaponization of social media; and eminent academics like Aisha Ahmad, director of the Islam and Global Affairs Initiative at the Munk School of Global Affairs, who briefed on jihadist war economies.

All Government of Canada employees in the National Capital Region (NCR) are welcome to attend the Expert Briefing Series. It can also be accessed live outside the NCR through video teleconferencing (VTC). A 45 minute video of each briefing is available upon request.

Robert Atkinson, “The Next Wave of Innovation, Western Competitiveness and the Chinese Challenge.” 17 January, 2019

Once engaged by MINDS, speakers are also available for smaller roundtable discussions with subject matter experts. These sessions enable Government of Canada employees to exchange ideas with leading experts and offer valuable networking opportunities.

Since its launch in 2012-13 the EBS has been growing in reach and interest across DND/CAF and the broader Government of Canada. MINDS is looking forward to bringing an exciting slate of new speakers over the coming months. Upcoming EBS topics will include NORAD modernization, and the adoption of emerging technologies and hybrid tactics by violent non-state actors.

To be added to the EBS distribution list, suggest a topic/speaker for a future event, or to participate by VTC please contact the MINDS Team.

For more information on the MINDS Program, you may also visit its website.

Photos provided by the MINDS team

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