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Moving to NDHQ (Carling) Full Throttle

By: Major Scott Spurr, Public Affairs Officer, Director HQ Integration –

The Carling Campus Project Transformation team is currently in the Second Phase of its Three Phase Project to re-locate approx. 9,300 Defence Team members from over forty locations in the National Capital Region (NCR) to a unified NDHQ (Carling).

Phase Two consists of relocating over 4,200 Defence Team members into the Service Centre and Buildings 2, 3, 5 and, 6 at NDHQ (Carling). It is the biggest Phase of the Project and to date the Service Centre along with Buildings 3 and 5 have been delivered to DND. It is anticipated that by December 2019, almost 8,000 personnel will call NDHQ (Carling) their workplace.

Building 5 is the largest of the ten interconnected buildings at NDHQ (Carling) and serves as the central hub. It houses the Chief of Defence Staff offices, the L1 Joint Executive Floor (JEF), and the Minister of National Defence secondary offices. It includes additional amenities such as a state of the art dental clinic, a Starbucks, a new cafeteria (opening in fall 2019), a CANEX, SISIP offices, a barbershop, as well as a Shared Learning Centre and a Sacred Space.

Building 3 is the new home for various Assistant Deputy Minister’s (ADM) including Finance, Public Affairs, and Human Resources-Civilian. It will also have its own cafeteria and boasts bright, open concept meeting and working areas and lunch rooms in order to provide its occupants with a much more vibrant working environment.

Building 2 is currently forecasted to be ready for DND’s occupancy in November 2019 and will be the new home for the largest military fitness facility in the NCR. The surrounding area outside of this building will showcase basketball and volleyball courts.

As part of Phase Two, Building 6 also welcomed its permanent occupants with the moves of members from the headquarters of the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy.

Workplace 2.0 is in full swing in all of the buildings at NDHQ (Carling) which provides all occupants with bright interactive work spaces complete with plentiful meeting and lunch areas.

Phase Three moves will start in the New Year and will see over 1,300 additional Defence Team members relocating into the Pavilion, Buildings 7 and 10. The second floor of the east wing of Building 10 will house the latest workspace environment concept for federal government employees known as GCworkplace.

For more information on GCWorkplace, you can visit:

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