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NDHQ (Carling) Phase II Series: Getting There – Commuting to work

NDHQ (Carling) Overview

By Catherine Villeneuve, The Guard –

The Defence Team is on the move! Over 9,000 members are relocating to the newly renovated National Defence Headquarters (Carling); an environment-friendly, modern, world-class facility located in the west end of Ottawa. Transforming our work environment and relocating to NDHQ (Carling) is a significant undertaking that planned properly, can go smoothly and revolutionize the workplace by encouraging a healthy work-life balance as well as promoting efficiency and collaboration. To prepare you for your own move, the transformation team has created a series of features explaining in detail how to prepare for it and thrive in your new office environment. For a complete overview, please don’t hesitate to log on to the NDHQ (Carling) intranet site or explore the Guard’s NDHQ (Carling) section.

You’re almost ready to move to NDHQ (Carling). You’ve sorted through and packed your belongings, you’ve ensured your ergonomic keyboard and mouse would follow you, you’ve even signed up for a class or two with PSP. Now is the time to come up with a game plan for commuting. Many options are offered to you; taking the bus, ride sharing, driving your own vehicle, biking if you live close-by. It is essential that you find a commute that works for you and allows you to go to and from the office without adding too much stress.

Public Transportation

Driving and Shuttle Service

Other Modes

For detailed information about transportation to NDHQ (Carling), you can also refer to pages 13-17 of the Tenant Manual.

Relocating to NDHQ (Carling) can seem daunting. To help you plan and prepare for it so it can be successful, your transformation team has also assembled tools and resources to provide you with an in-depth look at your new workplace. Please don’t hesitate to visit the website to download and consult documents such as the Tenant’s Manual, the Site Map and Parking Directive, the Client Move Package, and more. You fill also find a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section and a Communications Toolkit for your staff. Lastly, you can also contact the team via email for additional questions or comments. Here’s to a successful move!



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