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Welcome to the new National Defence Headquarters

Scheduled to be completed in 2020, the move to the revitalized NDHQ will consolidate the Defence footprint in the NCR from over 40 different locations. The move will generate cost savings over the long-term, and will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Defence Team by bringing over 9,000 members together into a modern and collaborative environment.

Below you will find more information on features, site alerts, updates and resources.

The buildings throughout NDHQ (Carling) are unlike anything else in the Defence portfolio. With plenty of natural light, plants and water, both indoors and out, the Defence Team will have a healthy and inviting work environment. Staff will benefit from having sit-stand desks, personal storage lockers, improved air circulation, and collaborative spaces for both planned and impromptu discussions.

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  • View the TVO documentary The Fruit Machine
    09:00 -12:00

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa

    CMP and ADM HR-Civ are pleased to present a theatre-style public viewing of the acclaimed TVO documentary The Fruit Machine.


    July 30, 2019, 0900 to 1200 at NDHQ(Carling) Building 6 in front of the Cafeteria.


    The documentary gives voice to LGBTQ survivors of a decades-long homosexual witch-hunt, conducted by the same Canadian government they served.

    Purge survivors—along with Sarah Fodey, director and producer of the documentary—will take part in an engaging panel discussion following the viewing of the film


    Space is limited to 120 seats.


    RSVP to




Kathy Roberge: Hello and thank you for joining us. My name is Kathy Roberge. Today I’m at NDHQ Carling with Dan Godbout for another update on the transformation of NDHQ.

Dan, can you tell us a little bit about the alternate work arrangements that are encouraged for employees here at Carling?

Daniel Godbout: So, this alternate work arrangement is really a new way of working. So, we’re looking at a different way, at different hours, different way to deliver what you need to deliver as an outcome from government. You can do it from home. You can do it with a different schedule to come in to work: you can come in a little earlier, a little later, finish a little later. Really, what we’re looking at is delivery of services. What is the outcome you need to produce, and does that need to be done from a desk, or can it be done from anywhere? And it’s really that arrangement between employees and managers that will define what is the new alternate work arrangement. And that’s very important. Not only for the fact that we can produce a lot better if we work differently, but also for the campus itself. So, if you have 10% of people that have an alternate work arrangement that are working from home that day, I’ve got 10% more parking.

At the same time, if you have an appointment and you don’t want to cross town and go back home, you can work with your manager, at least request it, and the managers are very much aware of the alternate work arrangement, they can work with employees and find ways to accommodate your own schedule.

Kathy Roberge: So can you tell me where I can find more information on this?

Daniel Godbout: So, right now, our intranet website has all the information pertinent to this HQ 2020, this move. All the new policies that are being created and about to be published will be provided on the website. So, please, go and consult it on the intranet and I’ll give you all the information you need to know.

Kathy Roberge: That’s it for me, is there anything else you want to talk about or tell us about NDHQ Carling?

Daniel Godbout: Yes, this is a very exciting place to work in. A lot of people came in last winter. CMP, you go and walk through their lines and you talk, we’ve done it. We went over and asked questions, and they’re really enthused. This is a very vibrant location to work from, and they are really happy to have moved here.

Kathy Roberge: Great, thank you very much Dan. Thank you for watching. This has been an NDHQ Carling update.



Kathy Roberge: Hello and thank you for joining us. My name is Kathy Roberge. Today I’m at NDHQ Carling with Dan Godbout for another update on the transformation of NDHQ.

Now Dan, I hear that technology is a big deal here at NDHQ Carling. Can you tell me how the new technology is going to transform the way we work?

Daniel Godbout: So, the new technology that we’re bringing in is a lot like the technology that we have at home. At the same time, we’re bringing in a technology that’s going to be transparent to the user. We’re bringing electronic filing, finally. We’ll get rid of filing cabinets and you will be able to have all your information electronically. You’ll be able to file it through GCDocs. At the same time, we’re giving you mobility, we’re giving you tools that can be used anywhere on the campus. We’re bringing you Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi in Defence, nobody thought that would be possible. We’re giving you Wi-Fi in collaborative areas, in conference rooms areas, in VTC areas. So you’ll be able to get up, get away from your workspace, and go work with your colleagues at other locations.

At the same time, we’re bringing a new printing solution where you can print anywhere within the campus. You will have to tag in, once you get to a printer with your pass, but you can ask to print from anywhere. We’re also bringing voice over IP. So you can be anywhere in the campus, log into a phone, it becomes your phone, your phone number, so you can move within the campus. So this is the technology we’re talking about.

Kathy Roberge: And I guess all this technology will allow employees to work from home?

Daniel Godbout: Yes. So we’re talking about really how we work. So, three pillars to what we’re trying to put here. The workplace: we’re giving you a bright environment to work in. We’re also giving you some tools that are in the background; the IT tools. And we’re letting you work in a different way, so that you are able to work partly from home, partly from other buildings. And this is really the new way of working that you don’t need to be chained to your desk.

Kathy Roberge: Thank you for watching. This has been an NDHQ Carling update.



Kathy Roberge: Hello, my name is Kathy Roberge, and I’m here today at NDHQ Carling with Dan Godbout, who’s going to give us an update on NDHQ transformation.

Thanks Dan for joining me today. To start off, can you give me an update on the NDHQ Carling transformation? Where are we and what’s next?

Daniel Godbout: It’s my pleasure to give you an update, Kathy. The project is well underway. We’re now almost finished Phase 1. Phase 1 consisted of having design and construction for buildings 6, 7, 8, 9, here at Carling, which will house about 3,900 people. Two of the buildings are completely full: number 8 and number 9, with CMP. HR-Civ is moving right now into building 6, and we have portions of ADM(IM) and ADM(SNT) moving in building 7 a little later next month. And the whole Phase 1 will be complete by Christmas.

Kathy Roberge: Once Phase 1 is over, when does Phase 2 start?

Daniel Godbout: Yes, so Phase 2 has already started. Phase 2 is the second large portion of the project. We will look at transforming buildings 5, 3, 2 and the Pavilion. This will also house about 4,000 people. The design is complete. The construction has started for the base building work. Which means that we had to transform some of the structure because it did not meet some of the new codes. And the transformation itself for new office space has been designed, and has been contracted out. So the work is ready to start to do the whole transformation inside the buildings. This will be ready sometime in the fall 2018. And the whole project is on track to finish, as scheduled, by the end of fiscal year 2019-2020.

Kathy Roberge: Now let’s talk about parking. It’s been a hot issue for many people, because they’re worried there’s not going to be enough parking spots for everyone. Can you tell us what we can expect for parking?

Daniel Godbout: When we went to our workforce, to our employees, we did a full survey on bus services in town. We went and we reached over 5,500 people, answered our survey, and out of that 5,500 people, 40% of them told us that they would be taking the bus to come to work. Now, the bus right now for Phase 1 is not the best, I must agree, but OC Transpo is really looking at how they will move people in town, through the LRT, which will be ready for our Phase 2. So, really, coming to campus will be facilitated by the LRT in town. So for parking, we don’t foresee a problem, we have over 5,700 spaces, and we have discussed with the industry next door to us, which is Abbott Laboratories. They have additional parking available, and we already opened a link with them should there not be enough parking right onsite, we will have the ability to acquire some more parking to make sure that we satisfy the demand.

There’s a bus, there’s bicycles, there’s vehicles coming here. We’re looking at different ways to come to campus. And we’re looking at different ways to offer parking. When we look at the whole parking space that exists over here, it did support 8,500 people in the past. So, we have no reason to think that we don’t have enough parking. We will give preference to people that, first of all, have a mobility problem, so these people will be taken care of. Then we will really try to help the people that are deciding to come here carpooling, they will be assured a parking spot. And when we do all the numbers, we still have ample parking for the remainder of people.

Kathy Roberge: Thank you very much for joining us. This has been an NDHQ Carling update.



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