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NDWCC Goes Virtual for This Year’s Canoe Race

By Olga Balan, NDWCC Team Leader for CFB Ottawa-Gatineau –

To all Canadian Forces Base Ottawa-Gatineau (CFB[O-G]) military members and civilian employees, the annual National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) will commence on September 9, 2020 in an environment quite different from previous years.  The COVID-19 pandemic has considerably changed the nature of this year’s Campaign. To ensure Defence Team members have an opportunity to contribute in a safe and all-inclusive manner several changes have been implemented.

Foremost amongst the changes will be the exclusive use of the E-Pledge platform to allow online pledges and donations to be accepted across the Department. The use of E-Pledge will allow campaign participants to maintain physical distancing during the donation process by eliminating the need to transfer physical forms. E-Pledge is a reliable, efficient, and accurate system that has been employed at CFB Ottawa-Gatineau for a number of years. In the coming weeks, you will be receiving a virtual meeting invitation from your ambassador to discuss how E-Pledge works and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have with regards to the NDWCC.

Secondly, the Core Team have introduced an online fundraising tool, “FlipGive” ( Six teams have been created in this inaugural year, when you create your online profile, select the Regional team which you wish to become a part of, then download the app to your personal device to make use of your gift cards through your personal e-wallet. FlipGive allows retail partners to provide cashback donations as members purchase from the online sites of many major brands. Defence Team members will thus have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the Campaign through routine or regularly planned purchases without any detriment to their family financial goals.

In a world full of change, the Champion and the Core Team are happy to announce that the 20th Anniversary of the VCDS Canoe Race will continue to take place on September 9th, in conjunction with the launch of the 2020 Campaign. Employees are encouraged to cheer on their teams virtually through the livestream that will be hosted on the Canadian Army Facebook page. Employees are also encouraged to support their fellow colleagues by pledging their canoes.

To make a contribution visit

Remember, no donation is too small. Every contribution, be it through an annual pledge, participating and support an event, or shopping via FlipGive, makes a difference to Canadians in need – including our fellow Defence Team members and their families.

I thank you all in advance for your support and while apart staying together at heart.

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