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New exhibition on armour opens at the Canadian War Museum

By Alec Connor, Co-op student with the Guard –

On June 15, 2018, the Canadian War Museum opened their new exhibition Armour, showcasing the personal protection used by soldiers and other warriors throughout the ages. Centred around a large collection of mostly Renaissance armour from Italy’s Museo Stibbert, currently on a tour of North America, Armour features such draws as beautifully decorated Renaissance armour and weapons, portraits two fully equipped knights on horseback, and samurai armour, all the way to modern police and military body armour. Those interested in the armour of Canadian soldiers specifically will appreciate the sections devoted to Canadian armour from the World Wars to the modern day.

“For centuries, armour has provided physical protection on the battlefield and in the sports arena,” said Caroline Dromaguet, Acting Director General of the Canadian War Museum.

“It has reflected status and taste, served to symbolize chivalry and strength, and has been recreated and reimagined countless times in fiction and in real life.

Armour captures all of this in a single outstanding exhibition that will appeal to families, history buffs, art lovers, military enthusiasts, sports fans, and aficionados of film and literature.”

The evolution of body armour in reaction to battlefield necessities is clearly demonstrated, and any visitor will leave with an extensive understanding of how certain types of armour work, and why each component is needed. In addition, the exhibit features examples of armour used in culture and films, such as Mad Max, as well as a good selection of armour for kids (or kids at heart) to try on themselves.

It may interest Defence Team members in the NCR and across the country to know that the Canadian War Museum offers free admission to active CAF members and veterans and up to two of their accompanying family members. The Museum also features extensive exhibits on all of Canada’s conflicts, as well as the famed LeBreton Gallery, featuring scores of tanks, vehicles, and artillery pieces from across the world.

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