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New Ottawa City bylaw – Mandatory use of masks/face coverings in enclosed public spaces

This message is published under the authority of the Commandant, Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) – 

As the fight against COVID-19 continues and with the differing phases of restrictions across our country, various levels of government authorities (municipal/provincial/territorial) may invoke health orders specific to their public health jurisdictions. With increasing scientific evidence of the use of masks as an important measure in reducing COVID-19 transmission, Ottawa Public Health has introduced temporary bylaws requiring the use of masks/face coverings in enclosed public spaces (acceptable exemptions defined within the bylaws at the links above).

In support of localized Public Health orders, PSPC will apply these measures in publicly accessible spaces of their assets within the geographical areas for which the bylaws apply; appropriate signage will be installed to the imposed requirements. This includes DND facilities in the NCR.

While each building is unique, spaces that can be publicly accessed without the use of a security access card or escort will comply with local bylaws. Examples of public spaces include areas leading up to security points and public-facing service offerings. Once security control points have been passed, the requirement to wear a mask/face covering is not mandatory; however, the DM/CDS Joint Directive – DND/CAF COVID-19 Public Health Measures and Personal Protection applies and is to be followed by all.

In the DND workplace, the CDS/DM Directive directed:

  • all personnel are required to self-assess prior to entering the workplace;
  • all those same personnel have taken the COVID Awareness course on the DLN prior to reporting to the workplace;
  • all DND/CAF pers to wear NMM when 2m distancing can’t be maintained;
  • completion of onboarding training with their supervisor on the PHM in the workplace;
  • the workplace has been prepared to maximize physical distancing wherever possible including protocols like one-way hallways/stairways/doors; and
  • cleaning protocols ensure high touch areas are cleaned more frequently.

These same safety measures cannot be assured in a public location nor with the members of the public themselves, so the mandatory wearing of masks is a strategy to reduce that risk in those locations.  These measures serve to reduce the risk to our employees within the DND workplace.


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