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Pursuing his fitness limits to the max

By Mélanie Renaud, PSP Ottawa

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or working with Simon-Pierre Lamoureux, you have not been able to appreciate his inviting and relaxed personality to its fullest.

Behind the friendly and go-with-the-flow disposition is a wealth of knowledge and experience that will guide and motivate you to reach your full potential no matter what your goals are. Simon-Pierre has been a PSP Fitness and Sports Instructor for seven years now and is currently servicing the CFS Leitrim community. He has played almost every sport under the sun but excelled in competitive hockey in his youth. Today, he still enjoys his weekly hockey and volleyball games, beach in the summer, along with making sure he never misses his daily workout. If he is not in his office, just look in the gym. You will probably find him lifting weights or doing his mobility drills. Not in the gym? He’s probably outside going for a run or training with the BeaverFit.

In the summer of 2012, Simon embarked on a long journey, training for his first 50-mile mountain run that he completed with ease in Vermont. The following year he doubled the distance to a 100-mile race but was unable to complete it, ending his run at the 108th kilometer. Clearly not satisfied with his performance, he signed up for another 100-mile race that same summer and finished in a well-earned 3rd place. After that amazing experience, he continued to train for a 24-hour mountain race and completed another 108 km in 17 hours.

Looking for a new challenge and a more balanced training plan, he embarked on the Obstacle Course Racing journey last year, completing the prestigious Spartan Trifecta on his first attempt. That summer he completed eight out of ten possible Spartan events. He enjoys the variety in his Physical Training now, integrating daily mobility, functional strength and cardio training versus the countless hours of trail running before. Simon-Pierre is always happy to help out CAF personnel at CFS Leitrim achieve their fitness goals, no matter how ambitious those may be.


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