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Reach Your FORCE Rewards Goals with PSP Ottawa Fitness

By Ryan Williams, PSP Ottawa Fitness –

It is no secret that taking the FORCE Evaluation can be a very stressful time of year for everybody. Whether your goal is to achieve that “Operationally Fit” status or reach new heights in our incentives, PSP has you covered!

The fitness team has been working very hard to revamp and improve our services at each location in the NCR, and with the launch of the National FORCE Rewards Program, your chances at success are better than ever.

The FORCE Rewards Program is designed to recognize Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who achieve high levels of health-related and operational fitness on their FORCE Fitness Profile, as part of their annual FORCE Evaluation. It recognizes exceptional achievements in operational readiness and works to maintain CAF health. You can find out where you stand in the Rewards Program on the FORCE Rewards Calculator, and see how PSP can most help you improve.

PSP’s Fitness Class Schedule offers a wide variety of classes that universally focus on getting you FORCE ready. Whether your limitations are strength, endurance, mobility or speed, we have the class for you. All classes are designed, well in advance, through structured periodized programming. Periodization is the progressive cycling of various aspects of training during a specific period, which allows you to celebrate consistent small successes while on the journey to your final goal(s). We restructure our programming every three to four weeks, allowing you enough time to adapt and progress before the next phase of programming.

Do you have a nagging injury, trouble perfecting technique or are maybe new to fitness training? No problem! Our Solid Foundation program will help you build the essential components and skills required to reach your true fitness potential. With a 6:1 – participant to trainer ratio, you can be sure we will be there to coach and correct. The main focus of this class is to regain control and ownership over your body and how it moves – age is not a factor!

You can sign up for a wide variety of fitness programs with PSP Ottawa, and get started on a new training regimen that suits your style, schedule and goals. Join today, and start working towards that Platinum FORCE Reward!

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