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Rugby Program is recruiting

By Lt Alex Gasser, CFSU(O) Nationals Rugby Team Manager

For the last couple of months, the CFSU(O) Nationals Rugby Club has been working hard to re-establish a military rugby team in the National Capital Region. The end state of this endeavour is the creation of an effective squad, capable of competing in CAF regional competition. The program has been steadily gaining momentum for several months, and is now very close to its goal.

Starting with seven NCR participants, which were invited to the regional rugby camp at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC (28-31 Aug 17), the team has now grown to 16 members, including 12 who participate in the Ottawa Touch Rugby (OTR) civilian league. The core of the original seven, worked tirelessly to spread the word, locate more players and register a team in this fast paced and competitive league against some of the top club players in the city.

As a welcome to the league, the Nationals had the luxury of facing the defending 2017 OTR League Champions. Despite all odds, they managed to end the game with only a 4-1 loss, not bad for a team that had never played together. “Some of us didn’t even know each other’s names!” expressed one player. Following that, the Nationals suffered two more losses, yet continued to gain experience and knowledge of the rules and gameplay. This is when the tides turned… The Nationals won the following four games! Culminating with a crushing 12-3 win on 13 Jan 18. Currently standing third in the league, with a 4-3 record, these men and women are the proof the CFSU(O) Rugby program is a success in the making.

If you would like more information or would like to join the CFSU(O) Nationals Rugby Club, please contact team manager Lt Alex Gasser or PSP Sports Coordinator Brittany Jadayel.

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