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Second Language: Reach your goal

By Captain Keaven Lozier, Canadian Forces Language School –

The NCR Training Company (NCR Trg Coy) of the Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) encourages CAF personnel to register for second language courses as soon as their career allows them to. CFLS offers language training that meet CAF operational needs. Acquiring strong second language skills plays a crucial role in a military career, whether it is related to posting opportunities, fulfilling a position that requires a second language profile, or for promotion. Several programs are offered to help members to achieve their goals.

–    Course by Progress Level (1 to 11) to reach Levels A, B or C
–    Preparation for Second Language Evaluation (SLE) for Level B
–    CBC Reactivation Course
–    Maintenance course (level B and C)
–    Single skill course for level B or C

In addition, to make the task easier for CAF members, training can be available full-time or part-time in a classroom, virtual class or remote with a teacher.

Members interested in such training and supported by their supervisor can contact the school via intranet email (DWAN only).

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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