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Second Official Language Education and Training Program for military personnel outside Canada is growing

By Mrs Sandra Brisard, Canadian Forces Language School –

Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) is responsible for Second Official Language Education and Training (SOLET) outside Canada. Units located outside Canada are very much part of the program and they do have a key role in terms of the evaluation of the demand, local coordination and liaison with CFLS to facilitate the organisation of local courses.

The SOLET program outside Canada, offered by CFLS, supports the goals of the Department of National Defence (DND) and is critical for maintaining and improving the leadership of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with respect to Official Languages. This program, which complements other Second Language Training plans delivered in Canada, has become more and more popular due to the growing number of military personnel posted outside Canada in the last few years.

To broaden our sphere of activity with respect to language training and provide the necessary flexibility for this specific reality, CFLS offers access to the following full-time or part-time services based on students’ needs at either the base or unit level.

Training options:

  • Traditional Approach (classroom), Distance Learning and individualized.
  • Main Clientele:
    • General Officers (Capt(N)/Col, Cdr/LCol, CPO1/CWO): Individual training
    • Other ranks: Group training when possible

Language Training is offered primarily at the following locations:

  • United States of America (Washington and Colorado) / Europe / Middle-East
  • The countries vary based on the demand

All bases/units providing language training must designate a local coordinator to successfully put in place the SOLET program. In most cases, the Coordinator of Official Languages is responsible for language training. As such, for any language training request, please contact your local coordinator.

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