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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please visit OC Transpo’s website.


On November 30, 2017, QC Transpo will be discontinuing the sale of the current type of paper bus ticket. This type of ticket format can no longer be supported technologically with the introduction of fare gates at O-Train Stations including Greenboro. All fare media must be
machine readable to be able to open the fare gates. The last of the current paper tickets will be sold November 30, 2017. They will be valid on buses until April 30, 2018. Tickets can be exchanged by the public towards Presto products or, for employers, agencies and institutions, towards Single Ride Vouchers until August 31, 2018. The process for groups, agencies and employers who provide free tickets for transit is different. OC Transpo is aware that these customers rely on the current bus tickets to provide transit to employees or clients at no charge. Some examples include:

• Employers such as federal government departments which provide tickets for employees to travel to meetings;
• Schools which provide tickets for students who attend extra-curricular activities or have a temporary need for transportation;
• Social Services which provides tickets to clients for a variety of reasons;
• Hospitals or other institutions which may provide transportation to patients who are
released from hospital;
• Groups and agencies which provide transportation at no cost to their clients to improve access and reduce barriers.

Presto is not an option for these one-time free single rides. For this reason, QC Transpo is introducing a Single Ride Voucher (SRV) as an interim solution in 2018-2019. The SRV is not for public sale and will only be available to agencies or employers which provide free transit.
They will not be available for sale to the general public. Agencies or employers will need to register with OC Transpo and sign an agreement to confirm acceptance of these conditions. SRVs will be sold in multiples of three (3) and will only be available through QC Transpo
initially. Agencies and employers will have to register with OC Transpo, and then will have the choice of setting up a Purchase Agreement or purchasing in person at an QC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. If paper bus tickets don’t work on fare gates, how is a paper Single Ride Voucher (SRV) going to work?
    Each SRV has its own security-encoded bar code (QR Code). This is only readable on specific machines. It can be used on the bus without scanning however when using the O-Train or Greenboro Stations, customers will need to scan the SRV on a Voucher Exchange Machine to obtain a transfer which can be scanned to open the fare gate.
  2. How do you use an SRV on a bus?
    The customer will simply drop it in the fare box like you would a ticket. The operator will provide with a transfer I proof of purchase.
  3. How long is an SRV valid for?
    Validity dates will be printed on the SRV. They are valid for a three month period (e.g. January to March, April to June), with a 15 day grace period before the period printed on the SRV.
  4. How much will an SRV cost?
    The cost is based on the current cash fare. The first issue will be based on the January 1, 2018, cash fare of $3.50 each. A sheet of 3 SRVs would be $10.50, and a bundle of 150 SRVs (50 sheets of 3) would be $525.00. Note that SR Vs will only be sold in multiples of 3.
  5. Is there a minimum quantity that we can purchase?
    Yes – a single sheet is the minimum. SRVs are sold in sheets of 3 SRVs and purchases must be in multiples of 3 (e.g. 3, 6, 9, 12).
  6. Is there a maximum quantity that we can purchase?
    No, but keep in mind that they are only valid for 3 months. If than 50 sheets are being purchased in person at one time, we ask that you notify at at least 2 business days before to ensure the location has required stock on hand.
  7. If we need regular quantities-what do we do?
    You can set up an arrangement where the SRVs can be ordered and delivered to you directly. Minimum order is required.
  8. Where can I purchase in person?
    Initially approved purchasers will be able to purchase in person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre. If the demand warrants it, we will be working with other agencies around the city to act as agents in selling SRVs to approved agencies, but that network is not in place just yet. We will notify you when it is.
  9. Do I have to provide anything when I make a purchase in person?
    Yes, you will need to provide a photo ID from your employer/agency. If you don’t have a work photo ID (i.e. if your employer doesn’t use photo IDs), contact us in advance at PTO-­ (with the contact name, and the date and location you plan on visiting) for pre-approval and the Customer Service Centre will be advised. You will still need to show photo ID to conduct the transaction.
  10. What agencies or employers qualify to purchase Single Ride Vouchers (SRVs)?
    We will consider any group that notifies us that they issue trips for free to employees or clients. Group that intend to sell the SRVs for full or part value are not eligible for participation. Please contact us to discuss your particular group and requirements. We will provide you with the information required to register to purchase SRVs.
  11. How do I register to purchase SRVs?
    You will need to sign an agreement of some type with us. There are three types:
    • Purchaser Agreement- an agreement to purchase SRVs for no cost distribution, and allows you to access a system whereby OC Transpo will deliver your SRVs to you directly
    • Vendor Agreement – an agreement to purchase SRVs, and also to act for OC Transpo to sell SRVs (at face value only) to other agencies I companies on the authorized list.
    • Terms and Conditions Agreement – For companies who don’t have the capability to sign a full agreement, or who don’t want to access the direct delivery of SRVs, but want to purchase in person, you can simply sign a short agreement acknowledging
  12. What if I don’t want to sign an agreement?
    An authorized signature is required on file to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the SRV program. This includes agreement not to selling the SRVs subject to a fine under the Transit By­-law.
  13. What if I sell an SRV?
    Under the Transit By-law, you face a fine of $600 or more per instance if you are not an authorized agent of OC Transpo to sell an SRV.
  14. Does the SRV expire right on the date listed?
    Yes. We recommend issuing to customers who expect to use it before the end of the 3-month period, but they can be used up to the last day printed on the SRV.
  15. How long after expiry can I exchange any undistributed SRVs?
    You have two and a half months after expiry to exchange SRVs that have not been distributed. For example, the first SRVs will expire April 15, 2018, and can be exchanged until June 30, 2018. If you have a signed purchaser agreement you can contact the Fare Operations group at 613-842-3619 to arrange an exchange. If you do not have the purchaser agreement, you can only bring them in person to 925 Belfast Road to exchange. (We request at least 48 hours notice if you are exchanging large amounts of SRVs).
    Note: SRVs purchased from other agencies in the future, and not directly from OC Transpo, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  16. If I exchange, do I get the same number of SRVs?
    Yes but only in the year of issue as there are fare changes in January each year. Others will be exchanged at the value of your original purchase (to the nearest multiple of 3). You would pay the difference if there is a balance remaining to get to the next multiple of 3.
  17. If I issued an SRV to a customer, and they came back after it expired, can I return that SRV with my unissued / undistributed SRVs?
    No, once you have recorded an SRV as issued to a customer, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  18. Is there a different SRV for children or seniors?
    No the SRV is designed for adults only. For agencies that provide large numbers of SRVs only to children or seniors; you should contact OC Transpo to discuss possible arrangements.

General Public:

  1. I was given a Single Ride Voucher from an agency / organization. How do I use it?
    If you are getting on a bus, deposit the SRV in the fare box. The bus operator will issue you a transfer / Proof of Purchase (POP), same as they would if you paid cash or previously used a ticket. Make sure you take the transfer every time. If you are getting on the O-Train or at Greenboro Station, you can’t use it directly on the fare gate. You will need to scan your SRV to get a transfer/POP, which then will work on the fare gate. At this time, there will be a machine in the station called a “Voucher Exchange Machine”. Scan the SRV, and the machine will issue you a transfer/POP that you can then use to scan and enter the fare gates. Dispose of the used SRV.
  2. How do I know if the SRV is still valid?
    There’s an expiry date on the SRV. They are valid for 3 months and the expiry is clearly printed on the SRV.
  3. If I have been given an SRV by an agency, but haven ‘t used it, what do I do when it expires?
    You should speak with the agency.
  4. Why can’t you just sell all SRV directly to the public instead of tickets?
    The current SRV is a temporary program in place until we will be able to provide tickets that can be distributed and tapped on buses and fare gates. Until that time, customers can use cash or a Presto card.

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