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Stay Healthy with PSP!

PSP Online Programming – 

PSP Virtual Fitness:

Looking for ways to stay active at home? Your PSP team has you covered! Our fitness professionals across Canada have put together 12hrs of virtual fitness so you can get moving at a time that works best for you! Check out the full schedule at and download the schedule to your mobile device!

PSP Health Promotion Webinars:

Physical distancing presents challenges to all aspects of our life. Snacks, meals, stress, communication can all become issues when we’re all under the same roof – or when we’re all alone. Your CAF Health Promotion Team has put together a series of Webinars to help you stay healthy in this unfamiliar reality. We encourage you to log on to any of the workshops found at 

Recreation programming available for families and kids (video library, resources, online sessions):  AND

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