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Supporting Employment Equity in the National Capital Region – Join the DAGs!

By Diana Ricciuti, CFSU(O) Social Awareness Cell –

As part of the Government of Canada, the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting the inclusion and growth of a diverse workforce. In accordance with Canada’s Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged, DND is committed to ensuring the entire Defence Team has the care, services and support that are required.

A diverse workforce benefits the entire Department, as the mingling of talents, skills and experiences that stem from different backgrounds and life experiences can lead to an overall improved business performance. A 2013 report compiled by Deloitte found that when employees operate in a diverse workplace where “they feel included, their ability to innovate increases by 83%”. Research published by Cloverpop in 2017 revealed that teams that are more diverse and inclusive are able to perform “60 percent better than average” when it comes to decision-making and execution.

One way DND demonstrates support to the promotion of its own workplace’s diversity is through the four Employment Equity (EE) groups outlined in the Employment Equity Act. In order to provide them with the resources that they require, each EE group is supported by both a National and Local Defence Advisory Group (DAG). As host to over 22,000 military and DND/NPF civilian employees, the NCR DAGs provide a wide-range of advice and support to many different initiatives, which can differ depending on specific regional needs and the unique scopes of different operating environments.

Each EE group is important to DND, and the DAGs are closely supported by senior leadership. For those who wish to volunteer their time in support of the NCR DAGs, or who just wish to learn more about EE in the NCR, please visit the Employment Equity in the National Capital Region page. All are welcome!

On a related note, the Persons with Disabilities NCR DAG is currently seeking individuals looking to be members or co-chairs. If this is something that interests you, there will be a meeting on 26 March, 2019, at 1300-1400 hrs at NDHQ(Carling) in boardroom 6N.2.E07.02. Video and Teleconferencing capabilities will also be available. Please contact Diana Ricciuti to register.

We hope to see you there!

CFSU(O) Social Awareness Cell

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