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Supporting our own: Hylands Golf Club showcases military spouse’s entrepreneurship

By Catherine Villeneuve, The Guard –

Hylands Golf Club has a long history of support and involvement within the NCR Defence Community and the Canadian Armed Forces. This summer, they took things a step further by welcoming military wife Jessica Sollows and deciding to sell her products, a variety of certified organic granola bars, in their club house.

Jessica’s story is an inspiring one to fellow military spouses. A social worker by training, she gave up her job in Ottawa to follow her husband to Florida in 2015 for a two-year posting. Passionate about health and wellness, food, and connecting with people, she started making granola bars at home and travelling the state to sell them at farmers’ markets. Granola bars had been one of her signature dishes for a while and this new adventure was proving to be successful. The inspiration to make them for others came from her husband Clark. In 2010, while on tour in Afghanistan, he would rely heavily on granola bars for a quick and filling meal, but came to wish for something much more healthy and nutritious than the ones filled with preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients they had on hand. That’s where Jessica’s culinary talents came in. She made him a batch of her homemade bars on day and he was instantly sold. So when the time came to find a new career option in Florida, she immediately thought of granola bars.

Upon their return to Canada in 2017, Jessica took a leap of faith and decided to launch her business officially and become an entrepreneur. Starting Goodness to Go Energy happened naturally and turned out to be a source of confidence and pride for the Nova Scotia native. “It’s given me so many opportunities to lead a flexible lifestyle I never thought could be possible, especially with a young family,” she explained. Her business is now established in five provinces across Canada and she is proud to say Hylands was her very first retail place in the NCR.

“We hit it off right away with Jessica. Supporting her and her business was a no-brainer. Not only is she a military spouse, but her business vision and values align with our PSP mandate of encouraging health and fitness within the CAF,” mentioned Stacy Eagen, Administration and Food Services Coordinator for the golf club.


“It felt good to be supported by a military organization from the get-go and feel welcomed to the NCR Defence Community,” added Jessica.

Hylands capped her first season at the golf course on a high note by inviting her to hand out free healthy snacks to golfers at the CFSU(O) Command Team’s Golf Tournament this past 7 September, 2018. This also gave the opportunity to participants to engage with a Buy Veteran business owner. Buy Veteran is a program created by Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur dedicated to promoting veteran-owned businesses, which features an online business directory that is searchable by province and industry sector. Defence Team members interested in learning more about the program and finding out which local businesses are owned by CAF veterans can visit their website. Personnel in the NCR can also contact CFSU(O)’s Personnel Development office to learn more about Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur and other career tools available to them.

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