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The Adventures of Dinner the Duck

By Rachel Collier, Quality Engineering Test Establishment –

The beginning of September 2019 heralded the launch of the National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC), which is a part of the Government of Canada’s Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) with United Way. As late September approached, the Department of National Defence (DND) employees at the Quality Engineering Test Establishment (QETE) noticed that the test samples appeared to be yellow and squeaky, rather than looking like components from an armoured vehicle, Hercules aircraft, or a Halifax Class Ship.

These yellow test samples turned out to be rubber ducks, and “volunteering” for testing was a rubber duck known as Duck Norris. This testing is part of the physical training for the Virtual Rubber Ducky Races lead by the Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel) office (ADM(Mat)) to raise money for the NDWCC. Duck Norris was putting himself forward to be a part of something big, 40,000lbs of compressive force big. Yet, Duck Norris didn’t yield to that kind of pressure. He was able to not lose his head under such massive compressive forces. Up next was Hamish McTavish, who also didn’t lose his head after being pulled apart by 70lbs of tensile force, most likely due to his strong Scottish (and Canadian) bloodlines.

These ducks have to be tested to the same standards as the materiel used by our troops, and that’s where QETE comes in. Celebrating 50 years of supporting the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and testing all the materials used by the CAF, QETE shall test the ducks so that they can be the best ducks in the world. Take a tour with Dinner the Duck as he travels through QETE taking part in some testing and exploring the facility. Whether its flammability, sub-zero temperatures, measurement, munitions or explosives, the ducks shall be put to the test.

Count Duckula, HMCS Haliquax, and Duck Rogers are up next to set the training goals for the next races taking place on 21-25 October, 2019, and then again on 25-29 November, 2019.

So far ADM(Mat) has over 1,200 ducks registered to race, and enthusiasm for the duck race continues to grow. QETE shall carry on testing all the materiel for the CAF, and now apparently we test ducks too!

Photos provided by QETE staff

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