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The Canadian Forces Language School (Asticou) is now taking applications

By Lieutenant-Colonel Loïc Roy, Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces Language School –

The Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) is looking for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members at the ranks of Lieutenant(Navy)/Captain and Petty Officer 1st Class/Warrant Officer from the Regular Force to become part of the CFLS Asticou team, more specifically at the National Capital Region Training Company (NCR Trg Coy). CFLS Asticou – NCR Trg Coy operates from the Asticou Centre located at 241 Boulevard Cité-des-Jeunes in Gatineau, Quebec.

CFLS Asticou and the NCR Trg Coy form a dynamic team, with dedicated and professional individuals who provide second and foreign language training to CAF members. We also provides training to foreign students coming to CFLS Asticou to take on the Language Teacher Trainer Course (LTTC) as part of the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP).


Vacancies that CFLS Asticou – NCR Trg Coy is looking to fill:

  1. Lt(N)/Capt: NCR Trg Coy Deputy Officer Commanding (D/OC) (Position #53722); and
  2. PO 1/WO: NCR Trg Coy Sergeant-Major (SM) (Position #53717).


Two key demanding but extremely rewarding jobs:

The NCR Coy Deputy OC is responsible for the coordination, management and oversight of all NCR Trg Coy operations and administrative requirements. An excellent opportunity to thrive in something different and challenging.

The NCR Coy SM is equivalent to a Company Sergeant Major (CSM – Battalion) or Battery Sergeant Major (BSM – Regiment) despite the fact that this position is at the rank of PO 1/WO. The Acting While So Employed (AWSE) avenue could be considered and negotiated with the Career Managers if there are no suitable PO 1/WO applicants.

For these two key and critical positions, CFLS is looking for individuals that are:

  1. Professional, as CFLS is comprised of a heavy mix of military-civilian staff;
  2. Organized and flexible, as we are a small team requiring “cross-walking” often; and
  3. Diplomatic and fair, as most CFLS students are Senior Non-Commissioned Members (NCM) and Senior Officers (Major and above).

The language of work is about 65% French and 35% English, so this is an excellent opportunity to gain bilingual work environment exposure for career progression. Please note however that these positions require a Second Official Language (SOL) profile of CBC. CFLS assesses that a BBB SOL Profile level would be satisfactory if no candidate can be found with a CBC SOL Profile.

Finally, given its location, staff and students working at the Asticou Centre have access to free parking, while being metres away from the Gatineau Park.

If you are interested in these positions, the first step is to talk to your supervisor/Chain of Command and contact the following CFLS individuals:

  1. CFLS School Sergeant Major at 819-994-3716; or
  2. CFLS Commanding Officer Administrative Assistant at 819-994-6243.

Additional details about CFLS can be found online.

Photo submitted by CFLS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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