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The Revitalization of the Persons with Disabilities NCR DAG Chapter

By Ashley Sullivan, Functional Analyst, NCR DAG-PWD Civilian Co-Chair –

The local National Capital Region (NCR) Defence Advisory Group for Persons with Disabilities (DAG-PWD) has been revitalized after being inactive for over two years. This group is now being led by new NCR co-chairs Ashley Sullivan and Captain (Capt) Desgroseillers.

DAGs promote workplace diversity by providing a wide range of advice and support to the NCR Defence Team. The DAG-PWD is made up of energetic and passionate members who want to make our work environment a more inclusive place for individuals with disabilities.

Whether you identify as someone with a disability or believe that our environment should be inclusive to everyone without boundaries, you’re all welcome to join us in helping make small changes that can have a large impact on people’s lives. Many people who don’t identify as a person with a disability join out of personal interest, or as it relates to their job. Come discuss issues in a safe and supportive environment. This is your opportunity to influence decisions on issues around disability with the goal of achieving a working environment here at DND/CAF that consists of no barriers and provides opportunities for career success at all levels. As a local Chapter, our DAG has the opportunity to assist the senior leadership and personnel in establishing the goal of achieving an inclusive working environment. The local DAG can direct individuals to departmental resources to help address individual complaints, bring awareness of existing barriers and provide advice to leadership on specific issues with a national scope. All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings held at NDHQ(Carling) on the second Wednesday of each month in room 5E.1.Q18.01 – next scheduled meeting is 11 December, 2019 from 1300-1400 hrs.

The local Chapter kicked off their group events by attending the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December, 2019 in the Atrium of Building 8 at NDHQ(Carling). This year’s theme was “Nothing Without Us” where the day encouraged the promotion of “a better understanding of disability issues, to mobilize support, and to encourage practical action by, with and for persons with disabilities.”

The NCR DAG-PWD has a lot of great activities planned for 2020. The Chapter has its first Lunch and Learn tentatively scheduled for early February 2020 on the topic of Duty to Accommodate – stay tuned for details. The NCR chapter website is currently being stood up but you may find information on the national webpage in the meantime.

We are actively looking for new members, please sign up for our distribution list to not miss out on any of our great up-and-coming events by sending an email to +NCR DAGPWD – GCDPH RCN@CFSU(O)@Ottawa-Hull.

Feature Image Provided by: The DAGs in the NCR

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