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Unlock the potential of food

By Christian Lizotte, PSP Ottawa Health Promotion – 

March is Nutrition Month in Canada, and the PSP Ottawa Health Promotion team presents four fact sheets for members of the Defence community. Under the theme “Unlock the Potential of Food,” the team has prepared some valuable tips in conjunction with Dietitians of Canada to help the local community optimize its physical health and well-being.

The Potential to Fuel     

Does your schedule include several very busy days each week? The answer is probably yes, and given the number of DND facilities scattered throughout the NCR, many of us spend our days moving from building to building. As a result, we may not always have time to take a proper lunch break. That’s why it’s so important to make sure to have healthy snacks at hand as a way to get enough nutrients. This helps us not only have enough energy and concentration to perform effectively throughout the day, but also to power through our workouts. Moreover, healthy snacks help to stave off hunger and improve appetite control, which is a key element in healthy weight management. Here are some practical ideas for healthy snacks and tips for inspiration, all approved by Dietitians of Canada.

The Potential to Discover

Does having fun as a family and helping your kids learn about healthy eating appeal to you? Encouraging kids to help do the groceries, cook and prepare food is an excellent way to help them adopt healthy eating habits they will maintain throughout their lives. Dietitians of Canada has some valuable tips for cooking with kids and the various kitchen skills they can master based on their age.

The Potential to Prevent

A number of lifestyle factors can affect our health. Which do you think are the easiest to control? For example, a healthy diet is one factor you can readily control that will help prevent some health conditions and decrease your risk of chronic disease. Learn more about the prevention power of food with this fact sheet from Dietitians of Canada:

The Potential to Bring us Together

The pace of life in the NCR is fast, and our days are very busy. A recent Ipsos poll showed that 30% of Canadians say they have trouble finding time to share a meal with family and friends. Are you one of those people? Would you like to learn more about the benefits of sharing a meal with others? This fact sheet from Dietitians of Canada explains food’s potential for bringing us together.

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