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When Asked to Swim Fast, CFSU(O) Takes the Bait

By Michael McCarthy, PSP Ottawa –

The Ontario Masters Swimming Championship is an annual event that allows some of the very best swimmers in Ontario, and in Canada, to compete against their peers.

This year’s event, held in Markham, Ontario, was attended by multiple representatives from CFSU(O), who were highly successful at this prestigious event.

Sergeant Marc Prud’homme, NDHQ CWO Coordinator, was able to bring home a whopping six gold, one silver, and one bronze medals.  In addition to these tremendous feats, Sgt Prud’homme was able to find success as part of the CAF Swimming National Championship, where he won three more gold medals, in each of the 200-metre Freestyle, 400-metre Freestyle, and 200-metre Individual Medley events, respectively. In his role as ceremonial cell coordinator here in the NCR, Sgt Prud’homme also organized all logistics for the National Flag Party at the opening ceremonies for this event.

Meanwhile, our own Corporal Janine Goetz was also highly successful.  While swimming in a total of ten events, she succeeded in earning three gold and five silver medals. As Cpl Goetz mentioned: “It was definitely an improvement from last year’s results.”

Last but certainly not least, PSP’s very own Marty Raymond, who was competing in the age group of 55-59 years old, masterfully swam to achieve gold in the 50-metre Freestyle, the 200-metre Freestyle, the 400-metre Freestyle, the 800-metre Freestyle, as well as earn a silver medal in the 1500-metre Freestyle.

For all of these commendable achievements we would like to congratulate Sgt Prud’homme, Cpl Goetz, and Monsieur Raymond on their exceptional results at this event.  Congratulations to everyone!

Photo courtesy of Sgt Marc Prud’homme


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