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Work smarter with the new GCTools

By Teresa Hebb, Project Advisor – Blueprint 2020

Collaboration, innovation and information sharing are crucial to help us work smarter in today’s public service. GCTools go a long way in addressing these workplace necessities.

GCconnex, GCcollab, GCpedia, GCintranet and GCdirectory make more information available, content easier to access and help us stay connected with what others are doing across government. Each of the GCTools offers a unique function and provides a useful resource to stay informed and connected.

For most of us, however, change in our workplace is happening faster than we can keep up with.  And we often don’t take the time to look up and see if there are ways we can work more collaboratively, more efficiently and more connected.

Take the time to get a glimpse at the future of Public Service collaboration

As part of the new Workplace Innovation Series, DND Blueprint 2020 team will be hosting the last of three introductory workshops on GCTools January 24 – An Introduction to GCTools, presented by Rima Sakr, GCTools Outreach and Engagement Advisor.

This beginner-level workshop is designed for employees who are unfamiliar with GCTools. It will be held at NDHQ (Pearkes) from 1300-1430 and will be available virtually through SABA Meeting 8. Please note that registration is required. For more information please email


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