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Working to keep the workplace ‘green’

By Jacqueline Moizer, NDHQ (Carling) Public Affairs

The buildings throughout National Defence Headquarters (Carling) are unlike anything else in the Defence portfolio. With plenty of natural light, plants, and water – both indoors and out – NDHQ (Carling) is committed to providing the Defence Team with a healthy and green work environment.

As part of this commitment, the teams responsible for the construction and transition to Carling were recently able to re-purpose and re-locate several palm trees to the newly renovated Building 6. The palm trees, once a central feature of Building 10, which is currently under construction, were not likely to survive through the construction process. Through teamwork and creativity, a plan was set in motion to move the palm trees to another location instead of disposing of them. Despite the challenge of moving the massive trees without damaging the facilities, unnecessary waste was avoided and the trees will live to enhance yet another workspace.

At NDHQ (Carling), every effort has been made to provide the Defence Team with a modern, innovative, and healthy workplace, and it is the small gestures like keeping it green that help make all the difference.

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  • when will be get public wifi in the open area and not just DWAN wifi. navy ship have had that since 2012!. This is something that most staff would love to use during breaks and lunch. please consider

  • PWGSC official policy in the NCR is NO plants! They do not wish to pay for upkeep or maintenance. Many building over the last few years have had all plants removed!

    At carling HQ, only the few tall tress are left inside. The only reason they are here, is PW does not know how to remove them without killing them. They fear bad press if they are killed

    Can DND reverse this bad PW decision. Can we get plants back into Carling NDHQ just like we had when Nortel was around
    plants are not just decoration. The muffle sound, provide oxygen and aide in well feeling

    please address this issue

  • when can we get more plants. BNR/Nortel staff loved them. Why cant DND management also support GREN plants and fresh air

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