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  • Coffee Talk with the DM
    All day

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    Change starts with conversations.

    Each month, Deputy Minister (DM) Jody Thomas hosts an informal coffee talk with a different small group of Defence Team (DT) members. The hour-long sessions offer a relaxed atmosphere to discuss what’s on DT members’ minds. Recent discussions have covered everything from women in leadership to childcare on the west coast to parking at Carling. You bring the topics. We’ll bring the coffee.

    Want to participate?

    The next Coffee Talk hosted by Deputy Minister Jody Thomas will be Monday, November 25 at 101 Colonel By.

    Email +Internal Communications internes@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull no later than November 18 and provide your name, your L1 organisation, and topic you’d most like to discuss with DM Thomas. Space is limited each month so we’ll get back to you to confirm attendance.

    Do us a favour…

    The coffee talk is a chance share questions or concerns with the DM. It’s not a chance to make personal requests of the DM. Thanks for understanding.

  • VCDS Spin-A-Thon for the NDWCC
    08:00 -14:00

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa ON

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa ON

    Where: NDHQ(Carling) Gym, 60 Moodie Dr, Building 6

    Cost: $20/Session or 2 Sessions/$30 (receipts available on request)

    Open to all! Join us individually for one hour or more, the full 6 hours, or build a team and relay with other participants! If you can’t participate, sponsor a colleague to ride on your behalf place!

    Registration: To sign-up and pay before the event, please email LCol Cynda Lavoie ( or Capt Sheldon Hart ( at the VCDS Comptroller.



    Session 1 – 08:00 to 08:50

    Session 2 – 09:00 to 09:50

    Session 3 – 10:00 to 10:50

    Session 4 – 11:00 to 11:50

    Session 5 – 12:00 to 12:50

    Session 6 – 13:00 to 13:50


    Register fast! There are only 14 bicycles available per class.

  • CAF Pension – Lunch & Learn
    12:00 -13:00

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    NDHQ(Pearkes) – 10ST DD14

    Learn more about your pension benefits.

    • Do you know what pension benefits exist?
    • Are you aware of the differences between old and new rules?
    • Have you ever heard about Transfer Value?

    ** Limited space **

    Contact to register

  • Respect in the CAF (French session)
    08:30 -16:00

    222, rue Queen St. Ottawa ON

    222, rue Queen St. Ottawa ON

    * Military members only

    The “Respect in the CAF” workshop is an interactive curriculum intended to promote respect in the CAF through awareness and understanding, to empower CAF members to take a stand against sexual misconduct and to support victims. Because of the limits of time, the workshop does not provide a detailed account of the laws governing sexual assault nor does it address issues which influence patterns of violence and abuse in the military, such as post deployment adjustment or mental health disorders. Nevertheless, this workshop is designed to foster a sustained change in attitudes and behaviours in order to build a respectful climate and culture within the CAF.

    The “Respect in the CAF” workshop consists of the following three modules and objectives:


    Module 1 – The nature and magnitude of sexual misconduct in the CAF

    • Explain why sexual misconduct has no place in the CAF
    • Describe the broad range of behaviours which constitute sexual misconduct
    • Recognize the negative impact of sexual misconduct on victims, the unit and the CAF
    • Recognize the prevalence of myths and paradigms that contribute to a culture in which sexual misconduct is ignored, downplayed or accepted and in which victims are hesitant to report
    • Recognize that professional relationships should be based on trust and respect and align with CAF ethics and values
    • Distinguish between forms of consent and non-consent


    Module 2 – Bystander Intervention

    • Employ bystander intervention strategies to safely and effectively prevent sexual misconduct
    • Prevent and respond to acts of reprisal
    • Promote a culture in which bystander intervention is widely accepted, expected, implemented and supported


    Module 3 – Victim Support •Report instances of sexual misconduct (duty to report)

    • Recognize why the CAF encourages all victims of sexual assault to file a report
    • Maintain confidentiality of information
    • Identify sexual assault resources provided by the CAF and the community
    • Respond to disclosures of sexual misconduct using a victim-centered approach
    • Demonstrate compassion and empathy for individuals who have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed
    • Practice self-care


    Teaching and learning process

    The “Respect in the CAF” workshop uses a range of teaching and learning processes, including: •Lecture based presentation of key information

    • Interactive and participatory exercises
    • Scenario discussion
    • Handouts provided during and after the workshop, to reinforce learning


    The teaching methods in the workshop are interactive and participatory. The workshop addresses cognitive, affective, and behavioural domains: what people know, how they feel, and how they behave. This workshop is tailored to a military context. It uses language and scenarios which are relevant and realistic for the CAF.



  • NDWCC – Jail and Bail – NDHQ(Carling)
    09:00 -14:00

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa ON

    60, prom Moodie Dr. Ottawa ON

    NDHQ(Carling), Building 8 Concourse


    Send your boss, colleague, or neighbor to the MP Jail!

    Military Police will attend your workplace and issue a “Warrant” for arrest to any “Subject” of your choosing. The “Subject” will then be escorted to the “Jail” listed at the above locations.

    The “Arrestee” will have the opportunity to bail themselves out at double the cost that was paid for to keep them detained.



    $ 10.00 /10 Min – Pte/Avr/AS/LS/Cpl/Ocdt/Ncdt/2Lt/Employee

    $ 15.00 / 10 Min – MCpl/MS/PO2/Sgt/Employee

    $ 20.00 / 10 Min – WO/PO1/CPO2/MWO/LT/SLt/LT(N)/Capt/Manager

    $ 25.00 / 10 Min – CWO/CPO1/Maj/LCdr/Senior Manager

    $ 40.00 / 10 Min – LCol/Cdr/Col/Capt(N)/Director

    $ 50.00 / 10 Min – Cmdre/General/Admiral/ DG/ADM


    How to register:

    Email details (Who, ideal timing of “arrest”, where is the “subject” located, what is the arrest for and how long ($) to: +Jail and Bail – Prison et Caution@VCDS MPU(O)@Ottawa-Hull


    Registration deadline is 20 Nov 19 and fee can be paid at time of pick up.

  • CAF Pension – Lunch & Learn
    12:00 -13:00

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

    NDHQ(Pearkes) – 6CBN D004

    Learn the financial impacts of the CAF pension plan.

    • What are you entitled to and how can you prepare?

    Join SISIP to learn more about the CAF Pension and the financial impacts.

    ** Limited space **

    Contact to register



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