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CAF Legal Branch Centennial Week Display

CAF Legal Branch Centennial Week Display

18-02-26 - 18-03-01 All day
NDHQ (Pearkes) | QGDN (Pearkes)
Address: 101 prom Colonel By Dr. Ottawa ON K1A0K2

On 28 February 2018, the Canadian Armed Forces Legal Branch celebrates the 100th anniversary of its creation and a century of dedicated and loyal service to Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces.


Prior to the appointment of the first Judge Advocate General, Henry Smith on 1 October 1911, the only official advisor on matters of military law was the British Judge Advocate General. Throughout World War I and until the formal creation of the Legal Branch, Major General Smith typically worked alone, with occasional assistance from other officers who happened to be legally trained. The establishment of the Legal Branch was recognition of the need to institutionalize the provision of legal advice.


Today, the Legal Branch is comprised of approximately 250 legal officers, Regular and Reserve Force, working in, and deployed to, many locations across Canada and around the world.


During the week of 26 February – 1 March 2018, the Legal Branch will gather in Ottawa for its annual Continuing Legal Education symposium. During this time, we encourage you to visit the NDHQ concourse display where members of the Branch will be on hand, happy to discuss the past, present and future of the Branch.

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    CANEX NDHQ Expressmart - Free treats at 1100 and a prize draw

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  • 18-07-26 12:00 - 18-07-26 13:30

    You are invited to a DWAO NCR meeting:

    July 26th at 1200-1330 in the Soldier-On room at 4210 Labelle.

    On the Agenda:

    • A discussion on the ability to do FORCE while on MAT/PAT leave
    • Representation of women in the ENG profession
    • Time permitting, a 20 minute presentation on NATO countries and their efforts to integrate women into ground close combat roles
    • Any other items of interest


    We will also be voting on our prospective Military and Civilian Co-Chair nominations. If interested, please provide your bio (1-2 paragraphs) to (tara.reilly@forces.gc.ca) or (kathryn.foss@forces.gc.ca) to be circulated on July 24th.


    Hope to see you all there! Babes in arms most welcome.

    Better together.